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30.VI+ The Progressor site News Section

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30.VII+ Arabs in Aspic - "Madness and Magic"
30.VII+ Bioplan - "Epipath & Ocular"
30.VII+ Dreamwalkers Inc. - "A Night At The Theatre"
30.VII+ Fren - "Where Do You Want Ghosts to Reside"
30.VII+ Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - "Nostalgia For Infinity"
30.VII+ Robert Schroeder - "C'est Magique"
30.VII+ Traumhaus - "In Oculis Meis"
30.VII+ Victor Go - "The Leap"
30.VII+ The Worm Ouroboros - "Endless Way From You"
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30.VII+ Akenathon - "Como Hormigas"
30.VII+ Cheer-Accident - "Chicago XX"
30.VII+ Deep Energy Orchestra - "The Return"
30.VII+ Final Conflict - "The Rise Of The Artisan"
30.VII+ Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - "Nostalgia For Infinity"
30.VII+ Ihsahn - "Telemark"
30.VII Jo Beth Young - "Allumez"
30.VII+ John Holden - "Rise and Fall"
30.VII+ M-Opus - "Origins"
30.VII+ Pallas - "An Alternative Arrive Alive"
30.VII+ Pendragon - "Love over Fear"
30.VII+ The Lost Stoned Pandas - "Tune In...Turn On...Get Panda'd'"
30.VII+ Wishbone Ash - "Coat of Arms"
30.VII+ Dragan Kalinovic - "Serbona"
30.VII+ Trappist System Trio - "Arrival"
30.VII+ Crocodile - "His Name Is Stan And He's A Bad Motherf**ker"
30.VII+ Sterbus - "Real Estate" / "Fake Inverno"
30.VII+ Stone Angel Syndrome - "Discovery"
30.VII+ Art Griffin's Sound Chaser - "Visions From The Present"
30.VII+ Soft Hearted Scientists - "Golden Omens"
30.VII+ Pendragon - "Men Who Climb Mountains"
30.VII+ Soft Hearted Scientists - "The Slow Cyclone"
30.VII+ Soft Hearted Scientists - "False Lights"
30.VII+ Soft Hearted Scientists - "Whatever Happened to the Soft Hearted Scientists"
30.VII+ Soft Hearted Scientists - "Uncanny Tales From The Everyday Undergrowth"
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31.XII+ Prog Parade - 100 Albums That Built Progressive Rock
31.XII+ Prog Parade - 50 Albums That Built Progressive Metal
31.XII+ Prog Parade - 50 Albums That Built Avant-garde Prog
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Jon Anderson (Yes) Francis Monkman (Sky) Steve Hackett (Genesis)
Guy Segers (Univers Zero) Kerry Livgren (Kansas) Karsten Vogel (Secret Oyster)

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30.VI+ Вестник Прогрессивного Рока - Выпуск 6/2017

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