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30.VI+ The Progressor site News Section

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30.IV+ Dusk Of Delusion - "Watch your 6"
30.IV+ The Gardening Club - "Boy On A Bike"
30.IV+ Dean Madonia - "My Calliope"
30.IV+ Anders Buaas - "The Witches of Finnmark III"
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30.IV+ Babal - "Frank’s Lament"
30.IV+ John McLaughlin / Shankar Mahadevan / Zakir Hussain - "Is That So?"
30.IV+ Neal Morse - "Hope And A Future"
30.IV+ Nektar - "The Other Side"
30.IV+ Rise - "Strangers"
30.IV+ Various Artists - "A Band For All Seasons"
30.IV+ 25 Yard Screamer - "Natural Satellite"
30.IV+ Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords - "Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live"
30.IV+ Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords - "Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live!"
30.IV+ Alessandro Bertoni - "Monarkeys"
30.IV+ Babal - "The Big Everything"
30.IV+ Beyond The Labyrinth - "Brand New Start"
30.IV+ Borknagar - "True North"
30.IV+ Chris Haskett - "Insufficient Necessities"
30.IV+ Crystal Beth - "Push Thru"
30.IV+ Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot - "I Talk to the Wind"
30.IV+ District 97 - "Screens"
30.IV+ Drifting Sun - "Planet Junkie"
30.IV+ Elaine Samuels And Kindred Spirit - "Elemental"
30.IV+ Emmett Elvin - "The End Of Music"
30.IV+ Epica - "Design Your Universe [Gold Edition]"
30.IV+ Ghost Rhythms - "Live At Yoshiwara"
30.IV+ Glorious Wolf - "Zodiac"
30.IV+ Happy Graveyard Orchestra - "Live and Hive"
30.IV+ Hasse Froberg & the Musical Companion - "Parallel Life"
30.IV+ In Motion - "Thriving Force"
30.IV+ In Mourning - "Garden of Storms"
30.IV+ Inventions - "Logica"
30.IV+ IQ - "Resistance"
30.IV+ Kadinja - "DNA"
30.IV+ Laura Piazzai & Clive Nolan - "From The Outside In"
30.IV+ Lazleitt - "Perpetually Under Idle Grounds"
30.IV+ Leprous - "Pitfalls"
30.IV+ Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix - "Live At The Terminal Cafe"
30.IV+ Modern-Rock Ensemble - "Night Dreams & Wishes"
30.IV+ Mystery - "Live in Poznan"
30.IV+ North Of South - "The Dogma and The Outsider"
30.IV+ Officina F.lli Seravalle - "Tajs!"
30.IV+ Opeth - "In Cauda Venenum"
30.IV+ OT&DO - "OT&DO at The Place"
30.IV+ Peak - "Slizdecixs Untie"
30.IV+ Skylake - "In Orbit"
30.IV+ The Fierce And The Dead - "Live USA 17"
30.IV+ The Flower Kings - "Waiting For Miracles"
30.IV+ The Gardening Club - "Boy On A Bike"
30.IV+ The Past Tense - "Across The Pond...And Back Again"
30.IV+ The Past Tense - "Time Stands Still"
30.IV+ TheGrapes - "The Grapes"
30.IV+ Times Up - "Black Wing and Prayer"
30.IV+ Various Artists - "Sunny Spells"
30.IV+ Various Artists - "Upload Me IV"
30.IV+ Yuval Ron - "Somewhere in This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum"
30.IV+ AOK - "Acts of Kindness"
30.IV+ Detieti - "Frogressive Punk"
30.IV+ Lazleitt - "On the Brink"
30.IV+ Tamarisk - "332018LIVE"
30.IV+ Tamarisk - "Breaking the Chains"
30.IV+ Hamadryad - "The Black Hole"
30.IV+ Inside The Sound - "Wizard's Eyes"
30.IV+ In Mourning - "Afterglow"
30.IV+ Happy Graveyard Orchestra - "Welcome"
30.IV+ IWKC - "Evil Bear Boris"
30.IV+ Leprous - "The Congregation"
30.IV+ Mastermind - "Another Cold & Rainy Night Live"
30.IV+ Disen Gage - "Libertage"
30.IV+ Disen Gage - "The Screw - Loose Entertainment"
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31.XII+ Prog Parade - 100 Albums That Built Progressive Rock
31.XII+ Prog Parade - 50 Albums That Built Progressive Metal
31.XII+ Prog Parade - 50 Albums That Built Avant-garde Prog
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Jon Anderson (Yes) Francis Monkman (Sky) Steve Hackett (Genesis)
Guy Segers (Univers Zero) Kerry Livgren (Kansas) Karsten Vogel (Secret Oyster)

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30.VI+ Вестник Прогрессивного Рока - Выпуск 6/2017

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