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"Luna Negra"
Mexican Progressive Rock label

A small, yet very interesting Prog label was founded by manager-producer Juan Jose Salas and Francisco Gonzales in 1995. He conceived the company as an alternative to an overwhelming majority of present Prog labels that issue albums of representatives of very diverse directions of Progressive rock, including commercial ones (as far as this notion can be applied to our serious genre).

I can't keep myself from some words of admiration addressed to the boss of the company. Indeed, such people exist who are firm in their intention to spread music, though in the awareness that this kind of activity will not bring any more or less substantial return on investment, initially alien not only from hit parades (sadly, but now it's a real indicator of the "value" of a work of musical art, you see that by the word value I mean here only its financial, profitable, but not at all its true meaning) of mass-musical culture, but also it's far from the ratings in the frame of Progressive Rock itself, where, as is known, the leaders in sales are slightly commercial promoters of Neo (not that I criticize that stage of development, I just notice the fact). For me personally this is only a second DISCOVERY of a specific non-conformist activity, after "Cuneiform" - the headquarters of RIO, where the only one who directs the ball, along with the magic baton of the conductor, the founder of the firm, is Music, without any compromises on money (sorry for the trivial, but true phrase).

Now a little about the material and the performers working under the flag of the "Black Moon" (in astrology - Lilith, the first wife of Adam according to the Apocrypha). "Luna Negra" produces mainly Avant-garde Rock, Progressive Rock, RIO (Rock In Opposition), as well as Electro-acoustic Music. Avante-garde Rock is represented by such an excellent group as Banda Elastica (Mexico). The Cubans Perfume de Mujer, the Spaniards Altair, and Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma (Mexico) play Classic, complex Progressive Rock in the best traditions of such giants as ELP, Yes, Genesis, etc. However, each of the bands has their own, original stylistics. Virtuosos from Musica D'Repuesto (Cuba) play a unique blend of Symphonic Progressive Rock and RIO. The most recent releases are Antiqua's (Mexico) "In Red Nights", which would gladden the lovers of Progressive Doom-Metal, performed somehow in the vein of early Tiamat / Amorphis.

Upcoming albums. The second compilation album VVVA-"Pangea-2" is completed and will be available early November 1999. VVAA: PANGEA 2 (New Prog music from MEXICO): Including NIRGAL VALLIS, BANDA ELASTICA, DINO BRASSEA -CAST SINGER SOLO PROJECT-, ANTIQUA, LA MANSION, OXOMAXOMA, OTHO, MICRORITMIA, JORGE ALVELAIS and special guests PERFUME DE MUJER, from Cuba. JOSE LUIS FERNANDEZ LEDESMA/ MARGARITA BOTELLO: "Sol Central". A new album by keyboardis of NIRGAL VALLIS with Margarita Botello, once voice for NIRGAL VALLIS.

Since the beginning of 1995 year "Luna Negra" become the most important Progressive /RIO/ New Music source in Mexico. The label's main focus is on the collectors of serious Progressive Rock and it is a way to get to know and enjoy some new Progressive performers from all over the world. Not to be missed! Each CD is priced as follows (registered Air mail included; prices in USD):

USA/CANADA:              8:00  USD,
REST of the WORLD:       9:50  USD.
These are for WHOLESALERS only.
Each CD is priced 12.00 USD plus shipping.

Please read truthful Short and Detailed Reviews of the "LUNA NEGRA" releases on our site. For more information on "Luna Negra" releases, please contact Juan Jose to the following address:

C.P. 76800,

VM (Vitaly Menshikov): October 1999