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Geographical location: London, United Kingdom
Headquarters: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
European office: Fosser, Norway

ProgressoR is a 2-man crew of enthusiasts. We do our best to review and post the results in a timely fashion, but we do have other, external obligations.

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your material for reviewing:

All albums should be sent to:

Olav M Bjornsen (sample review)
Fosserveien 250
1963 Fosser

Please include any supporting material and contact details.

Currently Olav M. Bjornsen is our main reviewer. The technical editor and webmaster is Dmitriy Menshikov.

If you have a new or forthcoming release, please email any relevant newsletters to the address below, and we will publish them on our Facebook page Links to existing articles posted on artist and label websites are welcome.

Our Review Policy:

We will only review CDs that fall into the Progressive Rock category. The progressive genres and sub-genres that we particularly welcome are as follows: Art-Rock (Sympho Prog) / Jazz-Fusion / RIO (Rock In Opposition) / Prog-Metal / Fifth Element (New Prog) / Zeuhl / Chamber-, Avant-garde Prog / Space Rock, -Fusion, -Metal / Techno, Doom, Cathedral Metal / Classical, Neoclassical Music.

We don't accept any kinds of traditional jazz, spontaneously created stuff, purely electronic music, sound design, soundtracks, new age and ambient music.

We will only review physical CD/DVDs that are available for sale to the general public (either through a distributor or a website) and exceed 30:00 in length. Sorry, we will not review any download-releases, promo CDs or demos either. Homemade CD-Rs will not be reviewed either (some of them even turn out to be unrecognizable by our CD players, which display a "NO DISC" message when they are inserted). In addition, we apologize that we are unable to return any CDs or material sent to us, whether reviewed or not.

We try to review all received material as soon as possible, and a review update normally appears every monthly with 10-15 reviews, most of which are in-depth, analytical explorations. Because of the large number of albums we receive, we normally do not confirm receipt of CDs. We will tag the artist/label connected with a review on facebook once a review is published. Only, please note that, depending on the current workload (and also due to our careful attitude towards each recording under review), it may months before your review is published.

We are sorry if our policy doesn't meet your expectations, but that's the way it has to be :-).

Our Team:
Olav"Progmessor" Bjornsen (OMB - since 2008)
Dmitriy Vitalevich Menshikov (since 2017)

ProgressoR / Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages