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9 On Bali - 2005 - "Kite Hawker on the Beach"

(58 min, 'Bali')

TRACK LIST:                             

1.  O'Reilly 4: 01
2.  Radar 1: 41
3.  My Poor Old Blue Projector 12: 25
4.  Gist 3:55 
5.  Frank of Maryland 1: 25
6.  For Turntable & Orchard 3: 53
7.  Arachnid, Apple & Mulch 3: 13
8.  Triad 4: 17
9.  At His Cordial Best 2: 42
10. Trampoliner 1: 45
11. The Ballad of Tony and Angel 6: 05
12. Everdons 5: 58
13. Alibis 6: 20


Dan Susnara - vocals; guitars; keyboards, percussion, sampling
Dan Sweigert - vocals; vibes, kalimba; bass, guitars; keyboards
Dan Van Sehindel - drums

Prolusion. "Kite Hawker on the Beach" is the first full-length album by America's 9 ON BALI. While the band is basically a trio, the album features two session guitarists, though only on a couple of tracks.

Analysis. This project invites us into quite a peculiar musical journey, away from the territories traditionally belonging to Progressive Rock, but still interesting enough to visit, at least once. Moving from mainstream Jazz of the distant fifties, through Big Beat of the first half of the sixties, we occasionally find ourselves at the time of the blooming of the first experiences with Art-Rock and related then-avant-garde musical forms. While not distinctly progressive, the songs: My Poor Old Blue Projector and Everdons have a rather unusual and intricate development, particularly the latter. Considering the material as a whole (for all the music is mostly simple and unpretentious), it is tasty and fine, due to the band's careful approach to composition, the presence of orchestral-like arrangements, the cleverly combined electronic and acoustic textures and the apt alternation of soloing and choir vocal parts. Regardless of the little quantity of real melodic discoveries here, no one will dare to reproach the band for the lack of originality. Finally, it needs to be mentioned that the sound is crystal clear and is pleasantly volumetric.

Conclusion. It's clear that the creative potential of these three Daniels (Dan Sweigert, Dan Susnara & Dan Van Schindel) isn't fully revealed itself thus far, but after all, this is only their debut. Perhaps their further releases will occupy a fitting place in the collections (better in the CD players though) of those preferring Prog to other kinds of music.

VM: May 3, 2005

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