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Al Agami & Lone Selmer - 2014 - "Mind The Gap / Still Life"

(8:39 Single, ‘Oyster Songs’)


Denmark based, Ugandian artist Al AGAMI and Danish vocalist Lone SELMER aren't names too many are familiar with in the progressive rock community, I suspect. The reason for covering them is more logical though: The songs they contribute on here are alternative versions of compositions featured in the most recent studio production of the veteran Danish progressive rock band Burnin Red Ivanhoe. I guess the reason for this veteran band to invite these more mainstream artists to contribute on these songs is to gather impulses from young artists and perhaps to try to gain more attention amongst a younger audience as well. Agami is a fairly well established rap artist, while Selmer is a recognized name in Danish jazz circles. In this case Mind the Gap, the A-side of the single, is given a radio friendly, soft rock coating to supplement the spoken words approach of Agami and the vocals by Selmer. The end result is pleasant enough, but of the kind that fits mainstream radio much better than within a progressive rock context. The B-side, Still Life, comes across as a far more vital brew, with pumping intense bass and ongoing saxophone soloing both giving the composition a more vital, vibrant expression. Still radio friendly, I must add, but in a far more engaging manner. While I can't see this single as a natural purchase for progressive rock fans as such, those who are existing fans of Burnin Red Ivanhoe might want to acquire this one just to experience these songs in an alternative, more radio friendly guise.

Olav M Bjornsen: December 25, 2014

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