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Altare Thotemico - 2012 - "Sogno Errando"

(65:25, MaRaCash Records)


The Italian band ALTARE THOTEMICO was formed in 2008, and on their debut album released the following year, they received acclaim for their take on 70's style Italian progressive rock and jazz rock. "Sogno Errando" is their second full length album, and was released through the Italian label MaRaCash in 2013. The current incarnation of Altare Thotemico is a vastly different one from the one which recorded their first album, and if descriptions are correct about them, their style has changed substantially too. Jazz is at the very core of the proceedings on this occasion, and a progressive oriented and elaborate variety of it too. Opening track D'Amore e Altri Tormenti is perhaps the sole exception, a more traditional but very well made affair, but from then and onwards we're taken on a glorious trip through multiple themed constructions that incorporate and include jazz-fusion and RIO-oriented escapades, with a few free-form inserts to boot. With expressionate, dramatic lead vocals, fireworks drumming, groove-determined bass, haunting and soaring violin escapades, elegant piano motifs and a saxophonist equally adept at calm and melancholic moods as with wild and intense ones. One gem follows the other here, with three epic length compositions that clock in at 40 minutes total playtime the brightest shining ones. A CD well worth checking out by fans of jazz fusion, and a production I'll pull forth when I encounter someone claiming that they are unable to enjoy jazz as well, as this album should convince a fair few about such notions being erroneous. "Sogno Errando" comes with my highest recommendations, in particular to the audience previously outlined.

Olav M Bjornsen: October 25, 2013

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