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Amenophis (Germany)
(an overall view)


1983 - "Amenophis"

1987 - "You and I"

Original Lineup:
Michael Rossman - guitars
Stefan Rossman - drums, keyboards
Wolfgang Vollmuth - bass, vocals, keyboards

Guest musicians:
Erwin Hillebrand - keyboards
Wolfgang Braun - wind instruments

The "Amenophis" (LP/CD) songlist:
1. Suntower / 2. The Flower / 3. Venus / 4. The Last Requiem / 5. Bonjour Magnifiques Champs Elysees / 6. Notre Dame Tres Honorable / 7. Le Vivant Montmartre / 8. La Vue de la Tour Eiffel

A German art (symphonic) rock band that put out two albums. Like the majority of Progressive bands formed in "those dark eighties" (Marillion, IQ, Pendragon, others) Amenophis started excellently. What is more, their debut album consists of much stronger, more complex and intricate structures than any other work of that period, including "Script for a Jester's Tear" and "Fugazy", successfully released by the same Marillion through the major "EMI". Many bands never approach the level of maturity shown by Amenophis on their debut.

Unlike the original "Amenophis" LP, consisting of four long epic tracks, the CD-reissue (by "Musea") with a total playing time about 60 minutes contains also four short bonus tracks.

Epic tracks have all the ingredients of real serious Progressive Rock, typical for the "good old" 70's. There are lots of dynamic guitar rhythms and "solos, lush keyboard passages, varied interplays between both these instruments and flute on "Amenophis". Stylistically very original, structurally this music lies somewhere between early Yes and Genesis. Interesting themes, a lot of complex and diverse arrangements within any of these four compositions, show a gigantic creative potential of the band and the obvious comprehensive musical talents of all the members as well.

Five bonus tracks are all-instrumental short pieces, mostly played by Michael Rossman with acoustic guitar occasionally supported by light bass lines by Wolfgang Vollmuth. All of them are very melodic yet quite complex, and such an excellent addition into the CD-reissue is a good decision, no doubt. So "Amenophis", this really amazing work, actually a masterpiece of the genre, is one of the most important albums in the history of Progressive Rock.

Although the second album by Amenophis is stylistically somewhere in the vein of its predecessor, basic themes on "You and I" are a lot simpler, and truly progressive arrangements are few. This album, however, was played in conformity with quite decent Neo Art Rock, and thanks to its originality can be highly recommended to all lovers of colourful, melodic and accessible structures. content

VM. 1.06.1999

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