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Anvision - 2012 - "Astralphase"

(50:09; Empire 18)


I have long been fascinated with the Polish progressive scene, as there are just so many great bands which few from the Western world have come across. Recently I came across Anvision, as drummer Kamil Kluczynski (Art of Illusion) mentioned that his band had played with them, and as I hadn’t previously come across the name I wondered what they were like. This is their debut full-length release from 2012, but the band are still active according to their website, with ‘New World’ being released in 2016 and plenty of touring taking place. This is melodic prog metal, with more than a hint of neo-prog about it, and the result is something which is really quite pleasant, with good vocals and interesting guitar. But, with just a single guitar, when Grzegorz "Greg" Ziotek goes off into an extended solo it is almost as if the rest of the band are just sat there waiting for him to finish. There is a lack of cohesion and interest to take this away from being “pleasant” to something that is essential. It is a nice album, but there just isn’t enough to move it on to the next level. There isn’t really enough complexity or layering for it to be fully prog metal, is too metallic to be really neo, and is too proggy to be called melodic, which leaves it in a no man’s land where it isn’t really anything and hence suffers as a result. I haven’t heard the more recent album, but on the basis of this one don’t think I will be trying too hard to search it out.

Kev Rowland: October 2018

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