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Age Of Silence - 2007 - "Complications"


AGE OF SILENCE is a Norwegian project group consisting of more or less famous musicians from different black metal bands. "Complications" is an EP released in 2005, to satisfy fans awaiting their second full-length album. The band’s background from the said style isn't very noticeable on this disc, and the music has more similarities with doom metal than with black metal. The guitars are the main instruments here also, but played mostly with long, sustained chords rather than the fast-paced aggressive riffing typical of black metal. The second most noticeable element here is the vocals, actual singing with clean tones, most often harmonious and at times layered vocals as well. The overall soundscape is dark and gritty though, with the vocals bringing light into a grim and somber - but epic - palette, somewhat reminiscent of Black Sabbath with Tony Martin as a singer. As for the songs themselves, although slightly repetitive, they are all good - especially if nuances and details are to your liking. The first and the last of the three tracks present have most variation, and due to that are better than the one in the middle for me. I’d have given “Complications” a bit higher rating had the recording been at least twice as long as it is.

OMB: February 14, 2008

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