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Axiom - 2004 - "A Moment of Insanity"

(49 min, Lufilth)

TRACK LIST:                             

1.  A Moment of Insanity 6:15
2.  It's Too Late 5:03
3.  A New Begin 5:30
4.  Gone 6:30
5.  Mirror of Life 6:37
6.  Clear 4:13
7.  Oniric Comedy 5:13
8.  Rising Shadows 5:31
9.  Out of Control 4:33

All music & lyrics: by Axiom.
Produced by Axiom & S Salferno.
Engineered by S Salferno.


Lello Acampa - keyboards; programming
Walter Montone - drums & percussion
Marco Mangiapia - vocals 
Claudio Acampora - guitars 
Armando Scala - guitars
Salvadore Ditto - bass

Prolusion. "A Moment of Insanity" is the debut CD by AXIOM.

Analysis. These Italian proponents of classic Prog-Metal have rather carefully labored at their first album, displaying solid erudition of composition, good musicianship and delicate sense of proportion. The latter quality is especially important for the genre's contemporary stalwarts, many of whom while tending to impart an epic feel to their works just make them sound overextended. Here we have nine quite compact songs, ranging from 4 to 7 minutes, with an approximately equal quantity of vocal-based and purely instrumental arrangements. The emotional opening track, which has given the title to the album, has some oriental flavor and reminds me in places of Stargazer from Ritchie Blackmore's "Rainbow Rising", though the music as such is more complicated and, with some exceptions (the Power-Metal-like Gone and Rising Shadows), is getting more and more interesting while the album unfolds. It's Too Late follows and is notable for the growing activity of a keyboardist, who brings the more symphonic feel to the music and gives more saturation to the sound. Starting with the third track, A New Begin, the complicated measures are becoming the integral part of the band's performance and are especially effective in the instrumental sections. Nevertheless, the central progressive force of the band would probably be Marco Mangiapia, an amazingly versatile chameleon singer with a wide voice diapason. Most of the vocal-based sections appear like there are at least three personages, very different from each other. The periodic introduction of brutal colors and overtones to the vocal palette is also of help. Among the further tracks the highlights are Oniric Comedy, with somewhat an autumn mood throughout, and the speedy Mirror of Life. The final song, Out of Control, is also impressive, though compositionally it has too much in common with its track list counterpart, at times sounding almost not unlike it, which becomes more and more obvious with each successive listen.

Conclusion. For fans of traditional contemporary Prog-Metal Axiom is definitely a band to watch. As for me personally, while I find "A Moment of Insanity" a good album, I wouldn't call it earth shattering. Hopefully the band will establish a stronger identity in their further works.

VM: April 4, 2005

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