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The Black Noodle Project - 2008 - "Eleonore"

(45:48, Musea Records)

TRACK LIST:                   

1.  Sorrow 7:50
2.  Hope 5:06
3.  Fear 3:05
4.  Awareness 9:54
5.  Resistance 6:05
6.  Escape 4:16
7.  Deliverance 9:32


Jeremie Grima  guitars; vocals
Sebastien Bourdeix  guitars 
Anthony Leteve  bass 
Fabrice Berger  drums 

Prolusion. THE BLACK NOODLE PROJECT is a French outfit, originally a one-man project started by Jeremie Grima back in 2001. After releasing a demo in 2003 the band got signed by French label Musea Records, and the official debut album followed one year later. In 2006 the follow-up was released, and 2008 sees the band release their third production, "Eleonore".

Analysis. The Black Noodle Project, either by intent or chance, has turned out to be one of those bands that challenge their fans a bit more than your average outfit does. On its debut album this French act got lots of praise for exploring a style of music strongly influenced by mid- to late 70's Pink Floyd in particular, while their sophomore effort wasn't as well received due to the band adding touches of hard rock and metal to their sound. If the natives got restless due to their second creation, this third installment in their discography may cause a few more itchy feet amongst the folks who loved their debut album, as the band move even further away from their original sound on this recording. Here, there are actually two vastly different sounds that are explored, most times within each individual composition. Followers of the band's first album will recognize the mellow, atmospheric, space-tinged segments that constitute the first of these two elements, acoustic or undistorted electric guitar as the main element in space rock-influenced, slightly psychedelic, pieces that do make the occasional nod towards Pink Floyd musically. In this case the latter style is somewhat more removed, as if they are influenced by a band inspired by these highly acclaimed British rockers. Still, it's an element that will be recognizable by those familiar with previous releases from this French act. The second approach explored this time around is one that might alienate many previous fans, even if it might attract a new crowd of people taking an interest in this kind of music. Heavy metal is the key term here, and of a kind with a firm foundation in the classic form of this style that became popular back in the early 80s. Mid-paced melodic riff patterns, power chords and relatively easygoing guitar soloing are key elements, but with some quirky elements added from time to time as well. The Black Noodle Project does add a few elements to the metal side of this production that aren't distinct, classic, heavy metal too, with passages that made me think of acts as diverse as Black Sabbath, Metallica and late Porcupine Tree in addition to dominating classic heavy metal tinges.

Conclusion. Personally I found this mix of mellow, slightly psychedelic space rock and classic heavy metal to be quite refreshing, and if not overly complex and adventurous in style and approach it is a somewhat daring move to mix these two quite different brands of music, especially when doing so within each individual composition. Recommended to those who think this sounds like an intriguing musical stew and especially if concept albums, as this one is, are of interest.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: January 3, 2008
The Rating Room

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