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Captain Crimson - 2012 - "Dancing Madly Backwards"

(45:22, Transubstans Records)


The Swedish band CAPTAIN CRIMSON was formed in 2011, and just over a year after forming they were signed to the Swedish label Transubstans Records for the release of their debut album "Dancing Madly Backwards". Since then they've been fairly active on the European live circuit, establishing themselves across the continent. And I suspect their brand of 70's oriented hard rock has already won them a substantial number of fans. With Mountain at the head of the pack of likely influences and bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Who lurking in the shadows, the energetic stomping and powerful hard rock Captain Crimson brings to the table is a variety that should suit live performances very well indeed. The general tendency to flavor the proceedings with psych-dripping guitar soloing is a nice bonus, and their common approach to add a gentler melodic theme about the halfway point of their songs a nice and effective identity mark. A tad too repetitive in expression to make a truly strong impression on CD at this stage of their career in my opinion, but with pieces like the dampened psychedelic blues of Don't Take Me for a Fool and the sophisticated psychedelic Sabbath-oriented number Dancing Madly Backwards, this is a band that showcases a strong and broad talent in the songwriting department. Well worth seeking out for fans of psychedelic, 70's oriented hard rock.

Olav M Bjornsen: December 12, 2012

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