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Cary Heuchert - 2014 - "Blue Rain"

(36:33; Oddiyo Records)


After some 30 years of doing this I promise one day I will get organised, but it hasnít happened yet and here I am again faced with an album about which I have no idea how I have it. I am even more surprised to discover that it was originally released in 2014 and then reissued in 2017 with an additional track, which is the version I have. This was Caryís second album, and as far as I can ascertain there hasnít been anything since, which is a real shame as this is a lo-fi discovery I have really enjoyed. It is a fully solo effort, with Cary providing electric and acoustic guitars, 12-string and classical guitars, fretless bass, synthesizers, vocals, mellotron and drums, but not all of these appear on all tracks. Here is someone who has obviously been heavily influenced by the more melodic side of Roy Harper, and consequently he also makes me think of Martin Springett, and as they are both Canadian, I wonder if they have bumped into each other. That also then led me into thoughts of Rick Miller, but this is far more lo-fi than that. While Heuchert is a very good guitarist he is a basic drummer at best, but at least he has used real drums instead of the bloody machines, but he would have been better off bringing in someone for session work. The vocals are somewhat quavery but combine with the music to produce something which has a wonderful, special sort of naivety. There are times when he seems to struggle a little on the keyboards, but I found that didnít matter too much as this feels quite magical. It is an album way out of time, something that shouldnít exist as we come to the second decade of the 21st century, but I am very glad indeed that it does. There is a freshness and lightness within the music, loads of space, a feeling of sheer honesty and in these days of over-produced music which is way to clinical, there is something here which is quite special. Progressive, folky, singer-songwriter, with elements of both Floyd and The Beatles, this is an album which makes me smile each time I play it.

Progtector: December 2019

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