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Chest Rockwell - 2013 - "...Weep and You Weep Alone"

(25:33, ‘Chest Rockwell’)


The US band CHEST ROCKWELL has been a going concern for a good number of years by now, and since their formation in 2004 three full length albums and two EPs have seen the light of day from this fine band. The EP "...Weep and You Weep Alone" is their most recent production, and was self released in 2013. This EP sees the band continuing doing what they have been doing with a gradually increasing tendency – creating music fairly hard to define within a genre or subgenre context, prime contenders for the "It's Prog, Jim, but not as you know it" column in the Prog Magazine. From opening track Sweet Asia Jam's flirt with Led Zeppelin to the ballad and post rock oriented mellow composition developing into a hard rock piece with metal oriented edges that is How Sad For You, this is an EP filled with many nice and unpredictable surprises, even for those familiar with their previous ventures into the realm of the recording artist. We're treated to an instance or two of the band approaching a neighboring universe to Coheed and Cumbria this time around, and there's even a purebred ballad present, and how to accurately describe the atmospheric Pink Floydian post rock goes somewhere metal-oriented composition Preparing to do Battle with the Devil in an accurate manner beats me. A band and an EP to check out for those who have a taste for subtly unusual progressive music.

Olav M Bjornsen: February 22, 2014

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