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Chest Rockwell - 2014 - "6ix"

(16:33, ‘Chest Rockwell’)


The US band CHEST ROCKWELL has been a going concern for just over a decade at this point, with three full-length albums and three EPs to their name so far. "6ix" is the most recent of their EPs, and was self released in the spring of 2014. While they have so far mainly explored as breed of progressive rock liberally flavored with indie and alternative rock elements, they take some extensive detours on this latest EP. Opening number Projector 7 basically comes across as a contemporary sounding blend of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple, with some subtle Camel mannerisms added to the bass and drums department in this vibrant, tight and energetic song. The following instrumental Protozoan isn't all that compelling, shifting through a handful of different themes within a 6-minute framework, and the one that sounds like a mix of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple the most tantalizing alongside a post rock-flavored escapade towards the end. The EP concludes with a remixed version of opening track Projector 7, in this take re-imagined as something of a blend between ambient electronica, house and ‘80s synth pop. Compellingly made, I'll have to admit, but perhaps not the type of song I'd introduce to a prog minded audience. An EP that merits a check by those with an extensively liberal taste in music, those who have A-ha, Coheed & Cambria and Uriah Heep lined up in their music collections, an attempt at defining a possible key audience.

Olav M Bjornsen: April 15, 2015

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