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Coridian - 2017 - "Caldera"

(21:01; Coridian)


This Friday I was supposed to be off to see Coridian for the second time in recent months, but due to Auckland being put back into a Level 3 lockdown that has now been postponed, so to satisfy my musical itch I am now listening to their 2017 EP ‘Caldera’. This 21-minute-long six-track EP is of course from the same line-up they have had since inception with singer Dity Maharaj along with the Raven brothers Mike (guitars), Kris (drums) and Nick (bass). I am still at a loss as to why it has taken me so long to come across these guys, as like their more recent EP ‘Eldur’, this is simply immense. The Raven brothers hit hard, with all three of them knitting in as if they have played together all their lives (funny that), all knowing when to step and provide more emphasis to a certain passage or when to lock down and let someone else take the lead. It takes a very special singer indeed to be able to live with music like that, and there is no doubt that Dity has one of the purest voices I have come across for quite a while. He is happy being gentle, but he can turn it on at the drop of a pin, and during “Seed” (the sequel, “Seed II” is on ‘Eldur’) he responds to the guys when the music soars and takes it to a new level. This is U2 and Tool style majesty being combined into something which is heavy, dramatic, immediate and all-consuming. Their version of “alternative metal, progressive rock, rock, alternative, alternative rock, indie rock, metal, post-rock, prog, progressive, progressive rock, rock” (their Bandcamp tags) is huge, and while I do think there are times when the drums are a little too high in the mix, they have a sound which is meant for arenas and not clubs. They are a great band in a live environment, and this was their second EP, following on from 2015’s ‘Oceanic’ (all three have linked thematic artwork from Maharaj which definitely provides continuity). So, when are we going to get an album? These guys have the balls, they have the talent, they definitely have the sound and material, and they deserve to be heard by a far wider audience.

Progtector: August 2020

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