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Darrel Treece-Birch - 2018 - "The First Step... Is to Take One"

(55:44, Darrel Treece-Birch)


These days Darrel is best known for his work with the mighty Ten, while progheads such as myself will also look fondly to his albums with Nth Ascension, but I first came across him as a solo artist with his solo album ‘Celestial’ some years ago and have followed his career with interest since then. Here he is back with his fourth solo release, and yet again he has resisted the attraction of bringing in additional musicians and has instead provided all the music himself. Many keyboard players are limited just to that one style of instrument, but DTB is also a dab hand at other instruments as well, and the combination of strident guitar, gentle bass and melodic keyboards on the likes of “To Follow A Star” feel much more like a band effort than one man in the studio. Released in December, he states he “has recorded a new collection of music filled with gratitude, reflection, hope, wonder and most notable peace for this holiday season.” There is certainly a lightness within it and playing this straight after the new release by t is like going from one extreme to another, although they are both by experienced multi-instrumentalists. His son Luke provided the cover art, and the evocative motion of the sea works well with the feelings being created within the music. DTB currently has three very different musical strands to his output, and although this may well not appeal to those who have come to him through the melodic hard rock of Ten, for progheads this is yet another delightful album which lets the listener gently slip away.

Progtector: May 2019

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