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Deafening Silence (France) - 2004 - "Edge of Life"
(49 min, Brennus)


1.  Deafening Silence 3:59
2.  The Black Swansong 4:40
3.  Heavenly Dream 4:25
4.  Edge of Life 4:10
5.  Northern Star 4:37
6.  Eden 5:05
7.  Save My Soul 4:52
8.  Terror & Despair 5:12
9.  Strong We Are 4:51
10. Reborn in the Night 7:15

All tracks: by Corsale & Wax.

Guillaume Corsale - guitars
Phil Wax - basses
Romain Silvano - drums
Julien Mirbach - vocals
Michael Magan - guitars

Produced by Deafening Silence.
Engineered by F. Paci & J-P. Boffo.

Prolusion. "Edge of Life" is the first official release by the French band DEAFENING SILENCE. According to the CD press kit, the band has two more albums on CDs: "Between Two Worlds" (1997) and "Muse" (2000), both of which, however, are regarded as demos, for some uncertain reason.

Synopsis. No, it seems the band's previous two albums are considered to be just demos not groundlessly. Deafening Silence existed since 1995, but judging by "Edge of Life", they just wasted time during all these years in their attempt to become true musicians. Well, they've become professional musicians, but there are no other values in their music apart from the coherence of performance and surprisingly excellent vocals. Julien Mirbach possesses a highly original voice and is one of the very best Heavy Metal vocalists I've heard in the new millennium. However, the creators of the material, Corsale and Wax, have locked his voice in the cage of recurring couplets and refrains. All ten of the tracks here are songs and all of them, without exception, are about a traditionally ordinary NWBHM representing an average, simplified version of Iron Maiden. Unlike that by the pioneers of the genre, the music here is vastly monotonous and can hardly be considered even a proto-progressive Rock or Metal. As a matter of fact, there is nothing noteworthy on the album, save Julien's vocals, so I don't see any reasons to continue reviewing it.

Conclusion. "Edge of Life" sounds indeed like the edge of creative life for the band that has made it. This is an absolute mediocrity, and I've given the album three stars and a half only because it features an amazingly impressive singing by Mr. Mirbach. In my view, Julien should leave this outfit as soon as possible. I am sure that any band, looking for a singer, will meet him with open arms.

VM: May 21, 2004

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