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Deficiency - 2012 - "The Prodigal Child"

(62:13, Fantai'zic Productions)


1.  The Prodigal Child 5:06
2.  Unfinished 5:12
3.  A Prospect of Traveling Beyond 5:37
4.  Those Who Behold 6:09
5.  The Introspection of the Omnipotent 6:03
6.  The Flaw 5:10
7.  Stronger Than You 5:56
8.  A Way Out of Nowhere 7:27
9.  The Experiment 7:18
10. The Curse of Hu's Hands 8:15


Laurent Gisonna  vocals; guitars
Jerome Meichelbeck  guitars 
Anthony Thomas  drums 
Vianney Habert  bass 

Prolusion. The French band DEFICIENCY was formed back in 2008, as a direct continuation of a previous band-project named Black Age. They self-released their debut album "State of Disillusion" in 2008. Not long after they signed with the French independent label Fanta'zic Productions, which released their second album "The Prodigal Child" in 2012.

Analysis. While there are many facets of progressive rock to be explored, Deficiency isn't among the bands I'd personally assign to a place within this specific universe. That doesn't make their music any less (or more) interesting, but those reading this website looking for new progressive rock or metal exclusively should take note that this band explores a somewhat different but related style of music, arguably best described as thrash metal. As thrash metal is a description that also covers a fairly broad canvas, I'd describe Deficiency as a band with solid roots in the vintage part of the genre, but also as one of the bands that attempts to blend some of the more recent tendencies with the old school approach to thrash metal. Kind of 1985 meets 2005 in terms of popular features, if you like. At the core of just about all the compositions we find two alternating approaches: compact, technical-oriented riff constructions explored in a tight and aggressive manner, rather similar to many of the exploits Megadeth has provided over the years but without the zany edge of Dave Mustaine's less than stable psyche, added to their particular take on thrash metal. On the other hand, we have slower-paced, groove-oriented thrash metal closer to what made Metallica superstars some 20 odd years ago. Galloping, tight and melodic passages closer to power metal in style add variation to these proceedings, and from the more modern school of thrash metal hammering riff barrages with or without subtle melodic overlays are brought in, on occasion with something of a djent-tinged atmosphere to them. Additional traits of note is that bassist Habert does have something of a Steve Harris thing going on here and there, and there's a fair few guitar solo runs that appear to be if not directly then at least indirectly influenced by NWoBHM in general and Iron Maiden in particular. That Deficiency will toss in some frail, acoustic interludes and employ some orchestral-style keyboard arrangements on a select few occasions should probably also be noted. As has been fairly common for the last decade or so, the lead vocals alternate between a clean, melodic delivery and a more primal, growl-oriented one, so those who are put off by the latter might want to take note of this.

Conclusion. Personally I found this production to be an enjoyable one. The songs are well executed, well produced and well performed throughout, with enough variation and intensity to maintain a high level of interest. While not a groundbreaking nor historic affair, those who'd have an interest in a solid, well made album of thrash metal, blending old school elements with those of a more contemporary nature within this style, should find their needs to be well satisfied by this CD.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: May 8, 2015
The Rating Room

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