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Defying - 2016 - "The Splinter of Light We Misread"

(30:43’ Defying’)


The Polish band DEFYING was formed back in 2008, and started their career as recording artists with the EP "Portraits" four years later. Since then a full album appeared in 2014, and now most recently the EP "The Splinter of Light We Misread", all of which have been self-released by the band. What this quartet from Poland provides, on this occasion with a few guests involved as well, is a rather expressive variety of what one might describe as extreme metal. The compositions ebb and flow quite a bit, with jarring riff barrages, solid rhythms and whispered growl-style vocals as key recurring elements, at times seguing over to a slower pace, touching base with doom metal at times. What they also incorporate into their compositions are calm, almost ambient interludes, more often than not with a dark unnerving vibe to them, with room for both trumpet and violin details to supply a gentler touch. In addition there's a fair array of nervous, textured post rock style guitar solo textures at hand. Post metal is perhaps a description that comes across as appropriate. On this half hour EP the band explores these landscapes in at times breathtaking darkness, at first with three of their own compositions, and then concludes this production by applying pretty much the same framework to one of the not so aptly named new wave band Joy Division's classic songs, ‘New Dawn Fades’. Those who prefer their progressive metal to be dark, with some extreme metal details and liberally flavored with ambient sections and post rock details should find this production to be rather appealing in a dark and ominous kind of way. This is a production to seek out by those who find joy or pleasure in being endarkened by their progressive metal.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: February 25, 2016

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