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Disen Gage - 2019 - "The Big Adventure"

(46:14, Addicted Label)


I have been a fan of this Moscow-based band for some time now, but this is the first time I have come across a physical release, as they have now signed to the Addicted label, who proudly state that without a name or logo, support all types of psychedelic music, formed in Moscow in 2011. They have set me quite a few albums to work though so they will be reviewed at some point in the future. But back to Disen Gage, and the first thing I noticed even before putting it on is that there have been some significant changes in the band, with only Konstantin Mochalov still there from ‘Nature’, which in itself was a change from the previous line-up with only Anton Efimov still involved with Kostya. This change has seen quite a dramatic change in the overall sound, as while they are back to a four-man line-up with Konstantin (guitar and sound engineering), Eugeny Kudryashov (drums), Nikolai Syrtsev (bass) and Sergei Bagin (guitar and synth), they have definitely shifted so some of their music sounds almost mainstream progressive rock, which is a long way from where they were previously. But although the guitar is far more front and central in this instrumental album than it has been previously, and there are far more commercial elements in some of their music, Disen Gage are still mixing in left field influences and sounds when they feel the urge. There are a few guests involved to assist in pushing the envelope, adding in some jazz lounge piano to “Carnival Escape”, or including some brass sounds, and who else but Disen Gage would feel that a piano accordion would be the accompaniment at times? Twenty years on from when Konstantin started working under this name with Yuri Alaverdyan, Disen Gage continue to delight. It will be interesting to see if people finding this album for the first time then work back through the catalogue, as if they do, they may well find themselves in for quite a surprise as here is a band who continue to push musical boundaries. This is a major shift from ‘Nature’, and certainly surprised me, but is a wonderful way to find a band who continue to do whatever they like, whether that is bringing in Russian folk, RIO, or more commercial elements. They refuse to conform, and it is all the better for it. This is not as challenging as previous albums, so hopefully more will discover what a great band they really are.

Progtector: April 2019

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