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Diversion Voice - 2011 - "Underwater"

(54:13, ‘Diversion Voice’)


1.  Source 1:37
2.  Red River 8:01
3.  Feeling of Snow 7:10
4.  Aqua 5:07
5.  Rain 7:09
6.  Underwater 7:57
7.  Black Milk 7:24
8.  Stream 9:48


Matvey Ushakov – guitars 
Ilya Bolkisev – sax; electronics
Dmitry Krasov – guitars; percussion
Alexey Kryuchkov – drums 
Ivan Dorokhov – bass 

Prolusion. The Russian band DIVERSION VOICE was formed in June 2009, and is based out of Moscow. 2011 saw the band self-release their debut CD "Underwater" under a creative commons license, and have since also added this production to the database of legally freely downloadable music on net-label Clinical Archives.

Analysis. The aptly named outfit Diversion Voice has opted for what their choice of name implies – to create music without bothering too much about staying within any specific stylistic framework. Each band member contributes to the compositions with material and input they want to add in, and as tastes are diverse within the band the end result becomes a type of music that is pretty hard to pin down into any specific category. Diversion Voice’s musicians themselves have suggested that jazz rock and psychedelic rock combined may be the best suited description. Final piece Stream is as good an example as any on just how this band applied their diversity. Lasting for about 10 minutes, this composition opens in a tight, energetic manner, with a rich dark toned guitar riff as the dominating feature, with a subservient lighter toned guitar motif, both of them with a distinct psychedelic touch to their respective modes of delivery, with tightly interwoven bass and rhythms beneath. Slowly and subtly the song alters in expression, as both guitar motifs gradually get a lighter and less massive sound, the delivery gradually inching towards a more distinct jazz rock style, and about halfway in, the sound is just about balanced between the two, featuring elements from both styles. Towards the end the song has now established itself as a gentle jazz rock affair with saxophone solos hovering over dampened funky guitar licks and a secondary set of careful guitar inserts, while bass and drums both have switched over to patterns that most will associate with jazz. Other pieces on this disc combine elements from the various style palettes the band employs in different manners, futuristic electronic effects on top of a theme dominated by jazz-oriented guitar licks for instance, or a jazz-tinged sax motif blended with a guitar sound normally found and used by space rock outfits. Other times a pair off between jazz rock oriented and psychedelic rock oriented pieces is the norm. And pretty often the music isn't really dominated by either, but incorporates details from both subsets of the art rock universe. And frequently throughout we get certain sequences that take on a harder edged, darker toned expression too, adding a certain hard rock or heavy prog vibe to the proceedings. It is an interesting production, and actually far more accessible than what the above description might give the impression of. The compositions have a nice flow and energy, the melodies are distinct and the themes and motifs are by and large fairly enticing, even close to magical now and then. The opening guitar motif on Feeling of Snow is one of the most compelling, dark but dampened and gritty, to name one specific details of note out of several.

Conclusion. Instrumental progressive rock of a generally energetic and fairly accessible nature is what Diversion Voice provides. Psychedelic rock, jazz rock and harder edged art rock are the main ingredients in their blend of styles, the end result of which is music that features details by all styles but only rarely allows any of them to take a dominating role. A well made CD that should be appropriate for art rock fans with a wide and liberal taste in instrumental progressive rock.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: November 21, 2012
The Rating Room

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