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Djam Karet (USA) - 1989 - "Reflections From the Firepool"

(51 min, 'Djam Karet')


I have heard only three albums by DJAM KARET so far, two of which ("Burning the Hard City", 1991-1 and "The Devouring", 1997) were reviewed and published on the site some time ago). It's hard to choose the best one from these three albums, as all of them are excellent, at least. This, Djam Karet's third album (released by the band at their own expenses back in 1989), is as original, complex and interesting as both of the other two. "Reflections From the Firepool", however, sounds more diverse than those, so music-wise, I find it the most balanced one. While the structures of "Burning the Hard City" consist mainly of hard elements (in sound, this one is really heavy), almost all of the songs from "Reflected From the Firepool" contain contrasting, harder and softer, arrangements in equal proportions, those raised to the power of innovation. Yes, it is well-known that Djam Karet is one of the most innovative contemporary bands, but stylistically, their music represents something indescribable. Really, it's difficult to describe at once briefly and precisely what kind of Progressive Music the guys of Djam Karet play. Is it symphonic Art Rock, Prog Metal, Jazz Fusion or, maybe, RIO, after all? Nobody knows for sure. Meanwhile, the fifth progressive element-genre, consisting of indescribable, distinctly innovative bands, became a bit larger once again. Djam Karet has signed the US "Cuneiform" label in the beginning of the 1990s, and recently, in the beginning of the 2000s, "Cuneiform" remastered and reissued the entire Djam Karet discography.

Vitaly Menshikov: September 5, 2002

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