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Dynamic - 2007 - "A Permanent State of Transformation"

(26:10, ‘Dynamic’)


TRACK LIST:                                 
1.  The Unconventional Love of Gravity 8:14
2.  Run like a Freak 4:06
3.  Eyes of a Child 4:42
4.  The Strange Wonders of Professor Bolzman’s Factory 9:06


John Huldt – guitar
Anders Lindscog – bass
Johan Rythberg – drums

Prolusion. DYNAMIC is a Swedish trio of John Huldt on electric guitar, Anders Lindscog on bass and Johan Rythberg on drums.

Analysis. This EP, “A Permanent State of Transformation”, is their debut release, featuring four instrumental tracks that range considerably in length (from four to nine minutes) and style alike, two of them having no connection with Progressive at all. Designed as a base for guitar histrionics, Eyes of a Child is nothing other than a hard rock ballad in the end. On the longest track, The Unconventional Love of Gravity, the band sounds as if it is indeed pressed down by the force of gravity, alternating conventional Heavy Metal with the ‘guitar hero’ style, indulging in lots of repetitions along the way. Another semi-epic, The Strange Wonders of Professor Bolzman’s Factory, begins and develops as classic Prog-Metal, but the atmospheric landscapes that cover most of its second half shine with neither diversity in structure nor coloration, thus making the entire composition sound somewhat overextended. Surprisingly the shortest piece, Run like a Freak, turns out to be the most eventful. This is a fast-paced romp bringing together Hard Rock, both English and American (Country for sure) traditional folk tunes and classically-inspired stuff.

Conclusion. Many could use this ambitiously titled EP as a collection of visual, sorry audible aids on how to avoid the notorious debut syndrome.

VM: May 27, 2008
The Rating Room

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