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Dyonisos - 2007 - "An Incidental Collection"

(61:28 / MALS & Musea Records)

TRACK LIST:                   
1.  Visions 5:17 
2.  Reasons 5:12 
3.  Facing Windmills 5:47 
4.  Abstract Visions 4:47 
5.  Leaving Home 5:07 
6.  Pasture In Kahaluu 8:23 
7.  Absolute Center Of Nowhere 4:19 
8.  Permanent Disembodiment 4:12 
9.  When Silence Has Spoken 4:26 
10. The Wave 3:11 
11. Ohia Lehua 4:13 
12. Voices 6:35


Dan Cowan - vocals; guitars, bass; keyboards, programming


Joe Harvilla - lead vocals (9, 12)
Ron Thunman - percussion (6)

Prolusion. "An Incidental Collection" is the second official release by DYONISOS, which is just a moniker for American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Cowan's individual creative explorations or, rather, rediscoveries. The eponymous Dyonisos debut CD was released some ten months ago.

Analysis. I see no better way to begin this paragraph than by putting nearly the same words I've used in the review of "Headshear". This recording is covered with Pink Floyd's stamp, which automatically means "An Incidental Collection" is musically a blood brother of the previous Dyonisos album, no matter that there are no instrumentals here. Only three of the twelve tracks available, namely Reasons, Leaving Home and Permanent Disembodiment, more or less strongly deviate from the album's prevalent picture, all basically steering towards moderately heavy Space Metal with a strong Eloy vibe (think the most straightforward rockers from "Destination"), but since Dan is rarely untrue to his approach to soloing on guitar, which is modeled after the technique of David Gilmour, the comparisons with Pink Floyd are also inevitable. Two more tunes, Absolute Center Of Nowhere and Ohia Lehua, suggest something halfway between The Alan Parsons Project and you know what. While some echoes of both Eloy and The Alan Parsons Project can be heard on each of the remaining seven songs (Visions, Facing Windmills, Abstract Visions, Pasture In Kahaluu, When Silence Has Spoken, The Wave and Voices) too, it is certainly Mr. Cowan's primary passion that is a dominant force there. Not much to say about the tunes' peculiarities. Facing Windmills is the only one track with the acoustic guitar and piano brought to the fore. Abstract Visions and Pasture In Kahaluu both stand out for their sax solos, which are heavy synthetic for sure, but are delivered clearly in the Pink Floyd fashion. The largely instrumental Pasture In Kahaluu is the longest and, at the same time, most curious track in this collection (which doesn't seem to be incidental at all), sounding like an outtake from Pink Floyd's "Animals" - in a way of course. The playing here is often accompanied with cow moos, some of the guitar riffs-based moves both compositionally and rhythmically referring directly to those in Pigs, but when the 'sax' joins, the picture changes its outline for the sake:-) of Money.

Conclusion. Fans of Pink Floyd-style stuff rejoice: your day has come again. As for me, I don't enjoy music that is so heavily derivative that leaves the impression of being totally calculated - yeah, for success too. Nevertheless I must admit this recording is at least tastier than Nosound's "Sol29" and therefore less annoying.

VM: June 2, 2007

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