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EBB - 2024 - "The Management of Consequences"

(18:12; Boudicca Records)


TRACK LIST:                  

1. Silent Saviour 8:26
2. Cost & Consequence 5:40
3. Nieu 4:06


Kitty Biscuits - percussion, vocals
Anna Fraser - drums, percussion
Bad Dog - bass
Suna Dasi - synthesizers, vocals
Erin Bennett  - vocals, guitars, trumpet
Nikki Francis - keyboards, saxophone, flute, clarinet

Prolusion. UK band EBB has been active since 2018 or thereabouts, with band leader Erin Bennett and other members of the band also having a past in other band constellations. Under the EBB moniker the band explore progressive rock (or art rock if you like), with their excursions into this field taking place on two EPs and one full length album so far, in addition to being an active live band. Their most recent studio effort is the EP "The Management of Consequences", which was released through UK label Boudicca Records in early 2024.

Analysis. I have seen some footage of the band alongside members of UK veterans Hawkwind, and if this is accidental or not there is a little bit of a Hawkwind vibe to the songs we get on this most recent EP by EBB. The opening track kicks off with a cosmic opening section of the kind that wouldn't be out of place on a Hawkwind album, the second song 'Cost & Consequence' feature an ongoing cosmic overlay and also on the third and concluding song 'Nieu' we get a little bit of a cosmic influx. This is just a part of the totality here though, as the opening song 'Silent Saviour' also feature an elongated trip into a more elegant keyboard dominated progressive rock landscape that develop into a more powerful and bombastic landscape, and harder edged guitar riffs do have a part to play on 'Cost & Consequence' too. And as far as 'Nieu' is concerned, key parts of this song does indicate that this is a band that know their way around a few classic era Deep Purple moments too. But aside from a varied musical landscape that include space rock, borderline symphonic progressive rock and hard rock elements, this is an EP that also comes with an additional art dimension. The CD version comes as a package with a small book sized, high quality leaflet or mini art-book, with notes from the band, tasteful art style photographs of the band members and, of course, the lyrics. One of the few EPs that warrants a place in your bookshelf rather than in your CD shelf, and with the book itself warranting just as much attention as the CD that is attached. This is a production that should appeal just as much for people interested in art as it should appeal to those with an interest in art rock due to the packaging if you like. The band did this with their studio album from a few years back too, and I do hope that the band receive the positive attention deserved for going the extra few miles to create material that adds additional interest and value for those who still prefer art to be purchased in a physical form.

Conclusion. But on pure music qualities, those who enjoy space rock just as much as hard rock and vintage era inspired atmospheric laden progressive rock should find this album to be quite the tasteful experience I gather.

Progmessor: February 2024
The Rating Room

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