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Eclipse (Brazil) - 2003 - "Jumping from Springboards"
(49 min, Rock Symphony & Musea)


1.  Urban Hermit 11:04
2.  Incas' Revenge 5:46
3.  Jumping From Springboards 8:30
4.  Mantiqueira 3:33
5.  Puzzles 7:30
6.  Manic Waltz 2:01
7.  Traffic Jams 4:12
8.  Ritual 6:26

All tracks: by Campelo & ECLIPSE.

Aloisio Campelo - electric, acoustic, & MIDI guitars; vocals
Patricia Deschamps - semi-acoustic guitar; vocals
Paulo Torres - bass guitar; keyboards
Sergio Conforti - drums & percussion
Ze Mendes - wind instruments

Produced by ECLIPSE.
Engineered by A. Frias at "Meteor", Rio de Janeiro.

Special Mission Report:) Thanks to the study of facts I carried out, it was established that Eclipse came from Brazil, and "Jumping From Springboards" is the code name of the first operation performed by them within the framework of the so-called Earthly Progressive Rock movement, the meaning of which sunk into me later. The further investigation actions showed that the means towards this end Eclipse have chosen represents an information-carrying medium called a compact disc (CD hereafter) with eight sound tracks separated from each other with very brief intervals. All of the tracks are complex for quick comprehension and are filled with highly polymorphous, yet, excellently harmonized noises, which was achieved thanks to the well-coordinated interplay between all five of the band members, each of whom used a few special sound-making instruments. I succeed in defining all of the instruments used on the CD, and here is the complete list of them: synthesizer, MIDI-guitar imitating the sounds of Hammond organ and Mellotron, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, semi-acoustic guitar, bass guitar, flute, saxophone, and an acoustic drum set. Also, two of the band members, one of whom is of the female gender, use their voices as additional instruments, which have place on six out of the eight tracks on the CD: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 7. Four of them: 1, 3, 5, & 7 contain meaning-bearing information in English, which is somewhat of an international language Earthly bands use when intending to be heard by as many of their potential associates as possible. A bit later I've learned that a set of harmonized noises is called music, so let me please use this term below. One of the most significant discoveries I made while keeping Eclipse under observation is the fact of that although the eight tracks on the CD sound definitely different from each other, all of them are simultaneously submitted to the equal stylistic laws. To disclose the other important aspects of "Jumping From Springboards", it was necessary for me to listen to thousands of the other CDs by Earthly bands, some of which I'll name in the following sentence, and read hundreds of the descriptive materials of them. By means of a comparative analysis, I found that the compositionally modular constructions of the tracks featuring meaning-bearing information in English are completely original, while those of the others have some resemblance with the music of early Camel and Yes, and such a kind of music is usually called Classic Symphonic Art-Rock or Classic Symphonic Progressive. After some additional researches, I've came to the conclusion that Eclipse (as well as both of the bands I was just talking about) perform Symphonic Art-Rock of a highest quality, and their "Jumping From Springboards" is one of the best debut operations performed on the Earthly Progressive Rock front line for the last three years.

Intergalactic detective-explorer:-) VM: September 5, 2003 by a local chronology

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