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Electric Tapestry - 2022 - "The Adrift EP"

(20:39; Electric Tapestry)


Here we have the second EP from Aotearoa quintet Electric Tapestry who came together when three guitarists decided to form a band where they could use their effects pedals to their best ability, and together with a rhythm section set out to mix post rock with many other influences. The prevalent feel on this four-track is psychedelia, with plenty of harmonies and high-pitched vocals, and it is strange to think there are so many guitars on this as they are more restrained than one might expect. There is no doubt they have been highly influenced by the Dunedin sound, and are certainly the type of artist I expect to find on Flying Nun Records as they certainly capture that lo-fi indie vibe one has come to expect. There are not many bands, even within New Zealand, who say they have been influenced by the mighty Straitjacket Fits (a band to research if you have not come across them previously), Ladysmith Black Mambazo, King Crimson, Van Halen and others as that really is a very strange mix indeed, but there are guitar lines on the title cut in particular which are very South African in nature. The four songs are quite different in some ways, and very similar in others, and the use of the effects boards ensure there is an overarching atmospheric wall of sound, and only rarely do they let themselves really let rip. They are currently working towards their debut album later in the year, and that is something I am certainly looking forward to hearing.

Progtector: March 2023

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