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Escapade (US) - 2000 - "Remembrance of Things Unknown"
(59 min, "Mother West")



Maelstrom Machine 8:55
When Whenever Comes 10:30
Flat Fair 8:05
Squelch 4:54
Crawlspace 6:22
A Useful Obsession 19:35

All tracks by Escapade. Recorded mainly at 'Smash' studios, NY.

Line-up: Paul Casanova - guitars; John Ortega - bass; Paul Hilzinger - keyboards; Hadley Kahn - drums & percussion

Each of the Four uses also various pedals, effects, etc.

There are another four musicians who participated additionally in these recording and all of them played bass guitars on different tracks. These are:

Joey Murphy, Russell Giffen, David G and Charlez DeLozier, to the memory of whose this albums is dedicated.

All of this music was composed collectively and spontaneously. Performed and produced by Escapade.

"Remembrance of Things Unknown" is an album of unreleased tracks recorded by Escapade mainly on their rehearsals in 1996, 1997 & 1998. Although I've heard so far only two works of Escapade, including this new one (you may read also: >, I have already comprehended what these guys' music is all about. What is more, I'm quite sure all their albums were composed collectively and spontaneously, practically on the spur of the moment, and so now I understand these guys are really HUGE, as the method they use to create their music is probably the most unique in the history of Progressive Rock. It seems to me now it was so simple to 'interpret' the way Escapade works already after listening to their only album I had before I got "Remembrance...", but then I was just amazed with their ability to work so 'free' way, and as a result to have in the discography such an interesting and very original CD as their previous one so easily. Then I assumed "The Faulty..." was just a successful experiment, but now I should obviously add another star to the rating of that album. No, it's not just curious, it's really amazing to hear the Escapade musicians work. They work the same way as the free jazz musicians! But though they open the door to their creation with a key of free jazz or without a key, since they don't follow the laws of Progressive Rock, that favour only thorough composing, they don't end up with a set of free improvisations or some chaotic accords and solos. Even these "Unknown Things" that actually are probably just out-takes of their previous full-fledged albums, consist of structures we used to name as progressive. Each "Unknown Thing" has its beginning, a logical development (without repetitions and returns to some "old" themes, by the way) and finishing. The things become really clear, but if a usual description of Escapade's style "avant-garde space Rock" practically suits to the music from their previous album, I would dare to define the "Remembrance..." album's stylistics slightly (?) differently. This is the avant-garde "side" of Progressive Rock with "spacey" structures and RIO tendencies (!). I've rated this actually excellent album a bit lower than its predecessor just because some of its pieces have a little rough and seemingly a bit illogical finish owing exactly to the rehearsal mixing. Also, I wonder why only 500 copies of such an interesting thing were pressed. Highly recommended to anyone into adventurous and unusual forms of progressive music.

VM. November 26, 2000


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