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Exocytosis - 2017 - "Endogenous Organism"

(21:40, Exocytosis)


Swedish based project Exocytosis is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Peter, a venture that was formed in 2013 in Boulder, Colorado, and then relocated to Sweden in 2016. "Endogenous Organism" is the second and most recent production to be released under this name, and was issued in 2017. What we get here is an artist that seeks to combine the aesthetics of primitive death metal with jazz, thrash metal and avant-garde metal. An artist that cites Bolt Thrower and John Coltrane as sources of inspiration. The music is fairly primitive, but also features quirky instrument details and a liberal amount of saxophone soloing. Subtle metalcore tendencies appear just as much as regular heavy metal and thrash metal ones, while the extreme metal side of things are limited to some intense instrument movements and the growl style lead vocals. There are many fine ideas at hand here, especially if you like your music dark and aggressive, but there is also a primitive and basic feel about both the material and the finishing touches applied to it. A lo-fi, DIY affair, that comes with the strengths and the weaknesses of such productions. Still, if a raw and rough talented construction of avant-garde tinged, jazz-oriented extreme metal is your thing, this is an honest and Earthen production of that kind, and should be given a check by those who enjoy music of this kind that are open to the described aesthetic side of this one.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: March 30th, 2018

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