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First Band From Outer Space - 2005 - "We're Only in It for Spacerock"

(57 min, Record Heaven & Transubstans)

TRACK LIST:                             
1.  Begin To Float 4:43
2.  Sannrajz 9:55
3.  Sometimes Going Too Far Is The Only Way To Go 7:10
4.  Sannrajz II 4:42
5.  We'Re Only In For The Spacerock 20:16
6.  Make Yourself Heard For The Snake Of The Word 10:36

All tracks: by FBFOS. Produced by FBFOS.


Starfighter Carl - drums
Johan From Space - guitars, vocals
Space Ace Frippe - bass; synth programming 
Moonbeam Josue - flutes

Prolusion. Here is First Band From Outer Space (FBFOS hereafter). Swedish band that claims to be from outer space, but has come to earth where they can make the sounds they like, instead of being limited by the silence of space. OK. Fine.

Analysis. They deliver what they promised. This is Space Rock from start to finish. This is very retro in sound, mimicking the late '60s and early '70s psychedelic sound. Mostly this is straight ahead, guitar driven rock enhanced with a variety of spacey synth sounds, chirpings and oscillations. FBFOS would have been wise to have stuck to their instrumental music, as their vocals are mediocre at best. There is not much to tell, really. The one change of pace on the album is Sannrajz II, which features acoustic guitar, vocals and lots of birdlike chirping and ringing sounds. (OK, so the chirping isn't really a variation). Begin to Float is the one track with no melody, predominantly electronic sounds which eventually give way to drums, bass and guitar. This one sounds like it might have been an outtake from something The Future Kings Of England decided not to use. It serves as the extended intro for Sannrajz, which begins the rocking for the rest of the album, with the notable exception above.

Conclusion. If you are into Retro Psychedelic Rock, laced heavily with electronic effects, this may be for you. The melodies are not particularly compelling and lacking the complexity of progressive rock. Truly, there is very little that can be considered progressive, as this is more regressive or retro, but it does use synthetic effects. Recommended for a narrow band of retro fans.

KW: October 28, 2005

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