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Fibonacci Sequence - 2017 - "Cinema Finis"

(75:26; Fibonacci Sequence)


TRACK LIST: 1. Tickets Please 2:06 2. Obeah 7:35 3. Psalm Before the Storm 1:27 4. Christopher's Plan 10:11 5. Repent 2:46 6. Repentless 9:36 7. Nightshade 3:34 8. Lobby Song 2:29 9. Take Your Seats 1:30 10. Deus Ex Machina 9:25 11. All Saints' Day 6:42 12. Incantesimo Di Vistani 13:00 13. Circumpunct 5:05 LINE UP : Tom Ford drums Jeffrey Schuelke keyboards Chad Novell bass Michael Butzen - guitars with: Mariah Schultz violin Jake Gresk cello Mark Krueger voice

Prolusion. US band Fibonacci Sequence have a history that goes all the way back to 2007, and it didn't take the band more than a couple of years before they were ready with their initial EP "We Three Kings", a production that was quickly followed by the full length album "Numerology" the following year. Since then band activities appear to have toned down a bit, but in 2017 they launched their second album "Cinema Finis". This self released second album is also their most recent production at the time of writing.

Analysis. This is a band and an album that I have seen described and classified in a few different manners, placing them in quite different categories inside of the progressive rock universe. While I have my own opinion in that department too, for this production I guess the most important aspect to mention is that this is, mostly, an instrumental band. The few exceptions to the instrumental description included appear to be a presence more for sake of effect and flavoring and less as a defining feature of the band, hence my opinion is that instrumental is the best suited description here. But to cover the vocal aspect of this production straight away: This is limited to one charming, old school a cappella number, and a couple of songs featuring what sounds like or is meant to give the impression of being sampled spoken voices, in both cases with the voice used as an instrumental effect rather than a vocal presence as such. Otherwise the majority of this album revolves around what I would describe as hard progressive rock. We have sequences featuring rich and solid riff constructions as the driving element, others revolve around tight, hard and more vibrant displays of the electric guitar. More toned down and elegant use of the guitar riffs in more of a Rush-oriented manner is a feature, and more sparse arrangements where there guitar is used more as a subtly dramatic effect are present too. Sometimes explored in standalone runs with rhythm support, on other occasions with flowing, cutting or floating guitar solo textures or harmony overlays on top, on occasion with keyboard support that may or may not have a symphonic tinge, on more rare occasions with orchestral textures added to the mix. The songs in general and the longer ones in particular will alternate between these different variations, and will also include occasional light toned and elegant varieties of more regular progressive rock and from time to time we get more romantic acoustic guitar interludes with as well as without accompanying orchestral textures too. With the compositions featuring smooth and logical transitions between the different parts. We also get a succession of short compositions here that tend to have a more atmospheric laden scope and character, of which the aforementioned a cappella number is one. To some extent one might say that they are interludes between the main features, and given the name of the album there are a few associations one can make in that regard. That this is an album with a certain creative foundation is also emphasized by the use of a move projector sound effects on a few occasions.

Conclusion. Fibonacci Sequence as off 2017 is a band that have embraced instrumental progressive rock with a harder edged touch and orientation. Not exclusively so however, but in a manner that makes this a defining aspect of the album at hand. Hence I suspect that those who tend to enjoy a harder edged variety of progressive rock and find that occasional side steps into additional forms and orientations is a treat in this specific framework should find this production to be quite the enjoyable experience.

Progmessor: February 2023
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