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Final Coil - 2019 - "The World We Left Behind For Others"

(58:11; Wormholedeath)


This is the second album from Final Coil, following on quite quickly from the debut ‘Persistence of Memory’, but this post rock alt rock album does little for me apart from make me wish the music was as good as the artwork. The press release states that this is for fans of Riverside, Tool, Glass Hammer and Alice In Chains, and while I can just about understand Tool and Alice In Chains the other two references have rushed straight past, leaving me wallowing in the wake. There are times when I do feel connected into the music, but for the most part I am simply bored. This is far more about emotion rather than anything else, and the repeated motifs just don’t sit well. The songs tend to drag on to an ultimate conclusion which isn’t always known by the band either as on numbers such as “Scattered Dust” it is faded out instead of being ended properly. Live drums are mixed with programming, and the layering of the guitars does little to make me want to listen to this time and again, but I tried, honest I did. In the end I just have to put it down the fact that not everyone can like everything, and this is yet another album reviewed this week which I can guarantee I won’t be listening to you again as I like music which doesn’t make me feel like I am swimming through treacle.

Progtector: August 2019

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