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The Five Hundred - 2017 - "The Veil"

(15:20, The Five Hundred)


UK band THE FIVE HUNDRED was formed back in 2014. They are an active live band, and have two EP's to their name currently. "The Veil" is the most recent of these, and appeared in the spring of 2017. The Five Hundred isn't a progressive rock or even progressive metal band as such, but they do have some qualities that may just appeal to fans of progressive metal in particular. That they open and end this EP with gentler, atmospheric laden songs featuring some nifty post-rock style floating instrument textures one of those details that may well interest. In between those, the core style of this band is a rather intense variety of modern thrash metal, complete with djent tendencies and the contemporary approach of alternating between hardcore style aggressive growls and shouts on one hand and controlled, fine-tuned melodic lead vocals on the other. With alterations in pace and intensity as the detail that adds more of a progressive spirit to their material, and some clever, quirky instrument movements as a likely point of interest The main audience of this band will be those with a taste for modern thrash metal, but I rather gather that those with an interest in intense and occasionally extreme progressive metal may well find this EP to warrant an inspection too. A well made specimen of it's kind, with a few progressive details giving it an additional edge, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: December 30th, 2017

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