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Forgas Band Phenomena - 2018 - "L’Oreille Electrique"

(59:36, Cuneiform Records)


Back with their first album since 2012, FBP may have a new guitarist and bassist on board, but drummer Patrick Forgas continues to drive his band and be inspired by Soft Machine, just as he was when he released his first solo album more than 40 years ago. Karolina Mlodecka (violin), Sebastien Trognon (saxophones), Dimitri Alexaline (trumpet) and Igor Brover (keyboards) are still with the band, while guitarist Pierre Schmidt joined the band as long ago as 2013 and veteran bassist Gerard Prevost joined in 2015. Interestingly, he appeared on Patrick’s debut solo album back in 1977, but he overdubbed his parts back then so never actually played with Forgas. This is instrumental music, which is heavily Canterbury inspired, mixed with JRF, containing an incredible lightness and deftness of touch. Patrick provides the support for everyone else to harmonise or take leads around him, with brass and violin combining together as one to create a gorgeous sound. It is relaxing, easy to listen to and incredibly fresh. The keyboard sounds take the album back into the Seventies, yet the violin and guitar are bright and sparkly and grab the album back into the present day. It is the perfect album for a Summer’s day, inviting and joyous, with a complexity which combines into a glorious delight. Definitely worth investigation by those who have yet to come across this band.

Progtector: April 2019

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