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Fughu - 2013 - "Human: The Facts"

(39:08, ‘Fughu’)


1.  Void 4:03
2.  Quirk of Fate 6:43
3.  The Play 2:45
4.  Climb 7:25
5.  Vater 4:03
6.  Winter 4:41
7.  Till the Days I Die 1:58
8.  The Facts 7:30


Same musicians
Damian Wilson – vocals 
Dario Schmunck – vocals 

Prolusion. Please read here.

Analysis. While the first part of this two-part album series at least to a certain degree could be described as a progressive metal oriented production as far as style is concerned, "Human: The Facts" is a much different construction altogether. One notable exception aside this disc has stronger ties with neo progressive rock, where atmospheric, harmony based keyboard arrangements are given much room to shine, while the guitars are more dampened in expression and without venturing out on too many riff dominated runs. Still we're not talking about music comparable to the likes of Marillion or Pendragon here either, as Fughu explores rather different paths than bands of that kind. Atmospheric, dark and haunting soundscapes are the overall summary of this disc, where electronics and bass driven and flavored arrangements come and go, featuring eerie, haunting sounds of a careful as well as dramatic nature, symphonic inspired textures merely one of many effects utilized to craft finely disturbing moods throughout. Spoken words and emotional vocals are used to good and dramatic effect, Vater a case that documents that aspect rather well, and even the light toned, gentle piano ballad The Play contains a raw nerve I rarely encounter on compositions of that particular kind. The album as such is a mesmerizing trip through atmospheric laden and oriented landscapes that are fairly bleak in nature, vital and mesmerizing in a nightmare inspired sort of manner. A piece like Till the Days I Die is not a song about anything romantic, to put it that way. And at the very end, we're treated to The Facts, in this case a creation that opens in an atmospheric manner, and then shifts to a dark, grimy and haunting progressive metal run that transports us all guns blazing into a suitably grim conclusion. A composition that should find favor amongst just about anyone who loves the combination of dark toned grimy guitar riffs and eerie, sickly keyboard textures.

Conclusion. Rich in mood and atmospheres, especially of the darker and more haunting varieties, "Human: The Facts" revolves less around progressive metal and more around arrangements closer to neo progressive rock than its companion release "Human: The Tales". A darker musical journey through and through, but with a suitably ominous progressive metal oriented number to conclude the album, this is a very nice and markedly different chapter to the dual part Human production Fughu has been working on for a few years. As this is the second of two CDs released as individual entities I suggest that buying both of them is the thing to do. As far as recommendations beyond that go, I'd think that fans of neo progressive rock might be more of a core audience for this album, especially those among them with a taste for dark music, who don't mind the occasional metal bites.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: May 23, 2014
The Rating Room

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