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Gate - 2006 - "Liva"

(53:34; Warner Music Norway)


A live album was released after the band had split, recorded at the end of 2005. It starts with some wordless vocals, until Gunnhild starts "Knut Liten og Sylvelin". There are shouts of recognition, and the crowd all join in when the repeated riffs commence. Although there are some keyboards in the background, this still feels all very stark and one-dimensional, and the input of the electric violin just adds to the feeling of disharmony. There is a real edge, an air of excitement, as although Gunnhild is in total control everyone knows that it canít stay this way and that there needs to be a release. It isnít until nearly five minutes into the song that the band allows the music to crash and open up, with strident violin fighting with guitar. But on the backside of this there are times when it is basically just vocals and drums. This is a band who are happy with the ideas of dissonance and contrast and are prepared to deliver just that. Each song is met with applause and shouts of recognition, and at times it feels more like a football crowd than an audience, all joining in and being part of the experience. Although I enjoyed the studio works, there is no doubt that it is in the live environment that all the band really come alive. There are sounds which are more space rock than anything else, still tied to folk, but with metal and alternative rock all combining to create a fractured platform allowing the singer to either shine in her own right or hide behind the notes if she wants to. On "Du som er ung" she challenges the crowd to join with her when she sings accompanied, and when the band are crunching along she hits the notes with ease, always in control, always full of power. The version of "Stengd dor" is incredible, showing wonderful breath control, and a voice that sounds like a professionally trained soprano as she hits the very high notes with ease.

Progtector: October 2019

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