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Guill & Jem - 2008 - "Two Seconds"

(40:18, JAM Recordings)

TRACK LIST:                   

1.  Saved by the Bell 3:45
2.  Mirror: Open the Door to Love 1:58
3.  In Love with You 1:36
4.  If I Could 2:58
5.  Instrumental Misterioso 2:36
6.  Never Ends at Night 1:54
7.  Snowfall 2:29
8.  Tell Me How 2:26
9.  Teardrop Explosions 6:22
10. High Rider 11:47
11. Sweet Peace 2:25
12. 2 Seconds with Beat 0:02


Jeremy Morris  guitars; keyboards; vocals; percussion
Guill Cavenaze  guitars; keyboards; vocals; percussion

Prolusion. GUILL & JEM is a collaboration between US artist Jeremy Morris and French artist Guillaume Cazenave, and "Two Seconds" is the second collaborative effort between these two, following four years after their first venture "Two Suns".

Analysis. Guill & Jem are seasoned composers and musicians, both of them active for more than 20 years on their own. Their respective musical output is quite different in scope though; Jeremy Morris has explored various forms of pop and progressive rock as well ventures into classical-tinged instrumental explorations, while Cazenave is better known for cosmic creations with new age tendencies. Still, electronic-tinged explorations make up most of the compositions on this production. A common denominator for most of these tracks is that they are relatively brief, as well as pretty different in scope, from containing new age-y affairs with floating, fluctuating, synthesizer passages to more elaborate creations with complex rhythms and multiple layers of synths. There are also a few tracks breaking the pattern, like the tender piano-dominated excursion Snowfall, with carefully added electronic effects appearing in the latter half. Although shorter ventures make up most of this release, one might just as well say that two specific compositions dominate the album. Two lengthy explorations placed towards the end, namely the just over 6 minutes long Teardrop Explosions and the close to 12 minute long High Rider. The first of these was previously released on Jeremy's 2008 CD "Mystery and Illusion", and on this occasion we're presented with an instrumental version of this composition. It's an electronics dominated, psychedelic excursion with space-tinged elements, a good track in this version but as I regard it even better in its original guise. High Rider explores much the same musical territories, but with the addition of mellow guitar layers; one consisting of clean licks and the other of dreamy soloing, and with vocals segments in the first third of the composition. It's a compelling venture, exploring a style of music with quite a few similarities to mid 70s Hawkwind, albeit much more mellow.

Conclusion. Compelling and intriguing are expressions I often use when describing Jeremy's various ventures and they goes for this outing as well. This is first and foremost an album that should appeal to those who enjoy psychedelic-tinged electronic escapades, but those familiar with Jeremy's past productions should find this one just as enjoyable as his many former creations.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: May 19, 2009
The Rating Room

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