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Gerson Werlang - 2008 - "Memorias Do Tempo"

(48:09; Progshine Records - 2018 Edition)


Brazilian composer and musician Gerson Werlang is probably best known as guitarist with a Pocos & Nuvens, but he has also released a couple of solo albums, of which this was the first back in 2008 (it has just been reissued digitally through Progshine). It is an interesting album, as it brings together many different elements, with symphonic getting a look in, as well as some interesting use of classical guitar as well as accordion, and some almost funk elements. There is no doubt that Werlang is a fine guitarist, with some interesting ideas, such as bringing in a violin to combine with Seventies-cinema style keyboards and then putting some harsh electric guitar against it, but there are also times when the album just isnít as strong as it could be. I am not a fan of his vocal style, it must be said, and I do believe that this would be quite a different album if he had brought in a real singer. Also, the female vocals are a good idea, but again the singers arenít always as strong as they might be, so there are sections where I found myself cringing. Add to that a snare drum which is just too high in the mix, and there is the feeling of an opportunity lost, as there are some really good songs in here with interesting arrangements. Given that it has been reissued at a really low price it is certainly worth hearing, but I would suggest doing that before purchasing outright.

Kev Rowland: October 2018

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