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Peppe Giannuzzi - 2013 - "Violinizer"

(41:35, MaRaCash Records)


Italian composer and violinist Peppe GIANNUZZI, an educated instrumentalist schooled at Conservatorio T. Schipa in Lecce, has opted to explore his skills and his chosen instrument in a fairly alternative manner as far as performing music goes. His label describes him as "the Satriani of the violin", and feels his debut solo album "Violinizer" from 2013 merits comparisons in that direction. For playing technique just as much as stylistic variety apparently. Personally I feel that comparison is stretching matters a tad too far, although as a non-instrumentalist I can't vouch for the technical aspects in such a case. But in terms of the music itself Giannuzzi doesn't venture too often into realms that in themselves will interest fans of progressive rock I suspect. Steady, predictable rhythms and keyboards supplementing the solo instruments, with alternating violin and guitar soloing the main ingredients in the latter department, but with occasional use of keyboards and organ for variety as well as some layered harmony constructions. Most of the time staying safely within a mainstream rock oriented framework, with touches of blues and boogie in the rhythms department while the violin appears to draw on country and folk music for inspiration fairly often. A well made album, one that should appeal to those with a particular interest in the violin as a solo instrument in general and as applied in a mainstream rock music framework in particular.

Olav M Bjornsen: March 25, 2014

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