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Great Wide Nothing - 2019 - "The View From Olympus"

(38:01; Great Wide Nothing)


I put on the debut album from this Atlanta based trio (Daniel Graham ( electric and acoustic guitars, bass, vocals), Dylan Porper (keyboards) and Jeff Matthews (drums)) and reached for the calendar to check the year. Yep, itís still 2019, but in some ways I feel I have been thrown back in time as here is a solid neo prog release which should have come out 25 years ago, and that in itself was heavily influenced by bands from twenty years earlier. Interestingly, the classic band they have most in common with is probably Uriah Heep, although there is plenty of ELP as well. There is a section in the second song, ďMonumentĒ where each musician takes a turn and the cleanliness and power of the sounds being conveyed is engaging from the off. The album is made up of four songs, with two reasonable length numbers leading into a short acoustic guitar-based number which is preparation for the lengthy title closer, which is more than 17 minutes long. Keyboards are often the driving force for the album, using very dated sounds for the most part, but the songs are often very rock-based even though there isnít a great deal of guitar to be heard. One feels that this is an album the guys can go out and gig and is certainly a band I would go and see if I was in the area. It really does make me think of the early 90ís scene, and given how fondly I regard that musical part of my life, I must confess it is an album I enjoyed from the very first time of playing and its naivety has just grown on me since then. Easy to listen to, but never easy listening, there are many who decry this style of progressive rock, but if you are a fan or the early works of bands such as Galahad, Ark and even later Grace then this is one to look out for. All power to the guys for also making this available as a physical CD as well as a digital download.

Progtector: October 2019

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