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Himmellegeme - 2017 - "Myth of Earth"

(37:29, Karisma Records)


TRACK LIST:                  

1. Natteravn 4:56
2. Hjertedod 3:55
3. Myth of Earth 5:21
4. Breathe in the Air Like It's Fire 5:26
5. Kyss Mine Blodige Hender 3:53
6. Fish 3:42
7. Fallvind 10:16


Aleksander Vormestrand - vocals, guitars
Hein Alexander Olson - guitars, vocals
Thord Nordli - drums
Erik Alfredsen - bass, vocals
Lauritz Isaksen - keyboards

Prolusion. Norwegian band HIMMELLEGEME was formed in 2015, and initially they focused on playing live and developing material for a planned first album. Following recording sessions in 2016 they signed to Karisma Records, and their debut album "Myth of Earth" is set to be released in early October 2017.

Analysis. Norway has a fairly long tradition in producing artists that explore music with a firm foundation in melancholic moods and atmospheres, and Himmellegeme adds one more chapter to this history. In this case with a foundation in progressive rock, and in a manner that will invite to associations towards the likes of, say, Pink Floyd. That being said, this isn't a band that create music in a Floydian tradition as such. It is more a case of music created in a parallel universe, using many of the same ingredients but assembled in a rather different manner, and with some additional details and features to boot. The most striking aspect of their sound are the vocals of Vormestrand, light toned, soaring and with an emotional nerve that place him firmly in the tradition of singers such as Thom Yorke. In this case with a more controlled delivery, not as high strung, but playing upon many of the same areas of impact. Vibrant and emotional laden, with somewhat of a frail and brittle feel. The compositions themselves tends to be slightly darker. Plucked, wandering guitar notes and delicate sounds and textures are usually paired of with richer, more majestic passages where dark toned guitar riffs, soaring keyboard overlays and atmospheric laden guitar solo runs or overlays is a part of the greater picture, and it is in this latter mode that Himmellegeme tends to create moods and atmospheres comparable to the likes of Pink Floyd. Not truly similar, but of a comparable nature. Otherwise gentle psychedelic details and instrument textures post-rock style are recurring effects, and generally speaking I find the band to have if not a modern then at least more of a contemporary sound to them too. Furthermore, they will also take s light turn to the left here and there to explore material with more of a heavy psychedelic touch to them, and the obvious core influence of the blues is given a firm nod on second to last cut Fish.

Conclusion. Those fond of accessible, emotionally laden progressive rock where dark undercurrents and melancholic atmospheres will be striking and defining characteristics of the music explored should have a field day with this debut album by Himmellegeme. Personally I'd suggest that fans of late 1970's Pink Floyd might want to check this band out, not because this is music directly of that kind, but due to certain similarities in terms of ingredients used and the general mood of the soundscapes explored.

Progmessor: September 27th, 2017
The Rating Room

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