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Inside The Sound - 2017 - "Wizard's Eyes"

(53:04; Modern Rock Music)


Inside The Sound is the project of Ukrainian guitarist Max Velychko (Karfagen, Sunchild, Modern Rock Ensemble), with 2017’s ‘Wizard’s Eyes’ being his second release, some six years on from the debut. Alongside bassist Dmitry Trifonov and drummers Dmitry Polevoy and Aleksnder Yermolovich, plus a few guests (the most notable being Antony Kalugin), Velychko has produced a really enjoyable guitar-led instrumental album. In many ways it is quite reminiscent of classic Steve Vai, with lots of different moods and styles, with the more reflective “Fantasia” contrasting greatly against the more shredding material. It is a light and fresh release, something which is immediately accessible and totally enjoyable. There is some wonderful music coming out of the Ukraine, and Velychko is involved with three of the most important bands, showing here in his solo work some techniques and styles he does not always get to show. But this is not just a one-man band, and both drummers bring their own styles to the fore while the bass playing of Trifonov is incredibly warm and fluid. Although there are keyboards used sparingly, this is very much a guitar album and at times the band operates as a power trio with just some basic keyboards providing a backdrop. He also treats us to the use of a six-string banjo at times, while the introduction of sitar at another point is also interesting. This is an album that anyone who enjoys the more reflective and thoughtful guitarists, as opposed to permanent speed, will find plenty on here to enjoy as he provides dynamics, contrast, and a lot of fun. Well worth investigating.

Progtector: April 2020

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