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IT - 2017 - "We're All in This Together"

(56:56, Progressive Gears)


1. Power 5:30
2. Born Into Debt 2:47
3. The Working Man 4:13
4. Last Chance 5:52
5. Gamble the Dream 4:10
6. Voices 5:22
7. The Path of Least Resistance 11:48
8. House 5:39
9. Down the Hatch 5:43
10. Revolution 5:52


Nick Jackson - vocals, guitars, keyboards, synths, samples, percussion
Andy Rowberry - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ryan McCaffrey - sax, piano, organ, Fender Rhodes
James Hawkins - bass, bass synth
Will Chism - drums
Paul Waller - lap steel
Rupert Greenall - synths, organ, strings
Rob Archibald - organ
Alex Fletcher - trumpet
Henry Bennett - backing vocals
Jessica Clemmons - backing vocals
Reyhan Yusuf - backing vocals
Gavin Lambert - backing vocals
George Galloway - speech

Prolusion. UK band IT first appeared on the scene back in 1994, at that point mainly the solo project of composer and musician Nick Jackson. Over the next 20 odd years the band would reappear now and then with new albums, and also solidified into more of a stable band unit. "We're All in This Together" is their fifth studio album, and was released by UK label Progressive Gears in 2017.

Analysis. IT is a band that generally is described as residing inside the neo-progressive part of the progressive rock universe. Which, based on this album, is kind of fitting. Kind of, as this isn't at all a band that seeks to explore the legacies of bands such as Marillion or IQ, but because their general approach is one with an emphasis on atmospheric oriented effects and arrangements as opposed to technical virtuosity and instrument showcasing. A modern neo-progressive band then, if you like. This is also a band that expands this canvas ever so slightly, as this isn't by far a purebred example of the atmospheric laden variety of progressive rock. We get quite a bit of it though, songs where the acoustic guitar combined with dampened guitar riffs and layered keyboard arrangements for that fine and soft majesty neo-progressive rock can have at it's finest. Complete with a lead vocalist that use his range and capabilities perfectly throughout. There are also harder edged displays here though, where firm guitar riffs takes the lead, and some of the songs have something of a progressive metal flavor to them as well. Which in itself isn't all that novel I guess, as old Sylvan fans can testify to, but it does spice up the proceedings quite a bit still. As is the case with the generally dark and ominous atmosphere that is a red thread throughout: This is not an album to get familiar with if you want to seek out your happy place. Some meaty, dark and at times twisted bass guitar details and electronic effects of various kinds further expands the territories here, adding a slight Porcupine Tree vibe to some of the songs, which fits the dark moods and atmospheres explored brilliantly. A high quality, well made specimen of modern to contemporary neo-preogressive rock, with a conceptual tale and pointing some indirect moral end ethical fingers along the way at that. Just listen to opening cut "Power".

Conclusion. Those who tend to favor modern day neo-progressive rock, as well as fans of artists that have taken some cues from Porcupine Tree into whatever type of music they explore, should feel right at home with this most recent studio album of IT. Dark, atmospheric laden music, a theme and concept explored that is pulled from our everyday reality, teaming up on a well made and well produced album that also sounds like it was made now. If this sounds appealing, chances are good that this is a CD that will have a strong appeal with you.

Progmessor: April 29th, 2018
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