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John Wetton (UK) - 2001 - "Sinister"
(38 min, "GEP")



 1 Heart Of Darkness (Wetton, Vallance)

 2 Say It Ain't So (Wetton, Vallance)

 3 No Ordinary Miracle (Wetton, Peterik)

 4 Where Do We Go From Here (Wetton, Vallance)

 5 E-Scape /instr./ (Fripp, Wetton, McDonald)

 6 Another Twist of the Knife (Wetton, Wagner)

 7 Silently (Wetton, Savigar)

 8 Before Your Eyes (Wetton, Young)

 9 Second Best (Wetton, Shiffrin, Cassidy)

10 Real World (Wetton, Starkey)

Recorded mainly in Vancouver BC, Canada. Produced mainly by Jim Vallance and John Wetton. Mastered by Rob Aubrey at "Nomansland" studios, New Forest, UK.

Line-up: John Wetton - lead vocals, bass & acoustic guitars (on some tracks), keyboards (on 3 & 5); Jim Vallance - keyboards, drum-programming; John Mitchell - electric guitar

Other musicians: Martin Orford - keyboards on 3 & 7, flute on 8; Robert Fripp - guitar on 5; Ian McDonald - flute on 5; Steve Christey - drums on 7; Gary Chandler - guitars on 7; Greg Bisonette - drums on 6; Dick Wagner - guitars on 6; John Young - keyboards, drum-programming on 8; Jim Peterik - guitar, keyboards on 3; Todd Sucherman - drums on 3; Guy Roche - keyboards on 9; Ron Komie - drums on 9; David Cassidy - harmony vocals on 9; Sue Shiffrin - harmony vocals on 9; Beate - chorus vocals on 7; (and finally, a famous, greatest harmonica player on Earth:) Steve Hackett - harmonica on 10

The Album. 10 songs, 38 minutes and 19 musicians (with average 2 minutes of the album's playing time for each), almost all of whom are real big VIPs in Rock music, and more than a half of them are real VIPP (VIPs of Prog) - what a monstrous line-up! And what for? For such a comically sinister work of the left-handed John Wetton? Especially significant contribution to such a progressively fake album was made from the brilliant harmonica player Steve Hackett. I do appreciate the fact that all these VIPP nvited by John to make a big-name contribution to his regular album do sincerely love and respect him. But, with all my due respect to the more than just important contribution John Wetton has made to Progressive Rock Movement as a wonderful composer, lyricist and musician as a member of King Crimson and UK and even of Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash and Family or even of Asia, after all, how can I really be praising his "Sinister" yet absolutely empty and insipid album, maybe as empty as all his long solo career? This opus sounds very professionally, but not ProGfessionally yet, - in other words "Sinister" has nothing to do with Progressive Rock in any way.

VM. February 24, 2001


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