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Jolly - 2019 - "Family"

(76:44; Glassville Records)


As with all Jolly releases, this their fourth album has the words “The Incredible” above their name, with “presents” underneath. It does given them a powerful visual image, and also meant that I quickly remembered their debut which I heard some ten years ago. I also remembered that I didn’t like it, thought it was over-rated, and that I was in the minority. Some six years since their last album, and with the same line-up since the second album of Anadale (guitar, vocals), Joe Reilly (keyboards), Anthony Rondinone (bass, vocals) and Louis Abramson (drums) here is a band who have been influenced by the more metallic areas of prog combined with a love of Muse. On the debut I felt they contained hints of Meshuggah, and while there is little in the way of djent to be discovered, there is no doubt that the bottom end can get very heavy indeed. The result is something which is actually quite strange to listen to. There is the impression that there is an attempt at being commercial, yet they are also very heavy indeed at times, and this mix of very heavy guitars and bass combined with the melodic vocal style just seems off at times. It has been released as part of the True Music Guide series as well if you can find a copy – these are limited edition magazines which concentrate on just one release by one band, and #11 includes a biography, an interview with Louis Abramson, loads of photos and tour details. Musically I have to say that I have found it hard to really get on with this album, but am sure that is down to personal musical taste. It is well produced, very polished, and if this is your style of music then I am sure you will get a lot from it. For me, I confess I have played it and enjoyed it more than I did the debut, but that isn’t saying a great deal to be fair. Proggy, commercial, Muse-inspired and very heavy, but just not for me.

Progtector: November 2019

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