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Jonatan Pina Duluc - 2017 - "Drip" / "Culebra"

(33:47; Jonatan Pina Duluc)


TRACK LIST:                  

1. Drip I, Prologo 0:23
2. Drip II, Three up 1:17
3. Drip III, Mantra 1:54
4. Drip IV, Gumshoes 1:16
5. Drip V, Smear 1:09
6. Drip VI, Three down 1:37
7. Drip VII, All Over, Let It Drip 1:13
8. Drip VIII. The deep 1:34
9. Plegaria 5:51
10. Veneno 5:40
11. Trio 3:51
12. Culebra I, Culebra 3:11
13. Culebra II, Burgues 1:14
14. Culebra III, Baron 2:58
15. Culebra IV, Epilogo 0:39 


Jonatan Pina Duluc - all instruments

Prolusion. Based in The Dominican Republic, Jonatan Pina DULUC is perhaps best known as a member of the band El Trio outside of the borders of his own nation. But he is also a multiple winner of the Premio Nacional de Musica, and has a wide range of musical and cultural points of interest as a person. "Drip / Culebra" is his first solo album, and was self-released back in 2017.

Analysis. While it is probably the case that Duluc with this album explores a number of different influences and approached to music and culture alike, for the greater majority of people this is a production that will be experienced as and described as belonging somewhere in the jazz universe. I suspect quite a few will mention something along the lines of free form or avant-garde as well. As there are rock elements present, jazz-rock is a description that can be used as well. Duluc' approach to this variety of jazz appears to be a slightly novel one. At least if the impressions I get are correct, which may or may not be the case. Still, I'm left with the impression that the compositions here revolves around certain fixed elements that are then expanded by mainly improvised features. Furthermore, my impression is that the constant element can be an idea just as much as a specific instrument, mood or core melody. The rhythm details on the Culebra part of the album can be mentioned in this context, or the main instruments used in he Drip series on this production as well as the length of the individual parts of that one. Be it as it may be, the end result are creations that have a distinct feeling of being the result of planned efforts as well as maintaining the flow of an improvised feature. The greater majority of these excursions are expressive, most of them using dissonant effects, cacophonous eruptions and arrangements with dis-harmonic details on some lever or other. The saxophone tends to be the dominant and most expressive instrument, with guitars adding a gentler and often lighter toned presence, with bass and percussion supplementing when needed. The arrangements tends to be sparse, and it isn't all that often that all elements are used and aligned in a cohesive band-like manner with everyone complementing and supplementing each other.

Conclusion. As an album experience, my impression is that "Drip / Culabra" is made with an avant-garde and jazz-oriented audience in mind, possibly featuring details that will align with fans of Rock In Opposition and free form jazz to boot. I further find the album to be well made within that context, but do not see any substantial interest for this production beyond those designated niches. Hence, if words like avant-garde, RIO and jazz are triggers for your musical curiosity, this is an album that warrants a check.

Progmessor: October 6th 2019
The Rating Room

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