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Julie Vik - 2006 - "Twist"


Julie VIK is a musician and songwriter from Canada, classically trained in vocals and guitar. "Twist" is her debut solo release, but isn't the first one in her general discography, which also includes two albums that she recorded with her now disbanded outfit Resin. There are eleven tracks here, all being song-based, but never monotonous or sonically monochromatic either, most featuring (the majestic) Hammond organ. Bearing in mind that the CD is titled quite aptly, the music can easily be labeled as twisted pop, though the term Pop Art seems to be more suitable. The first time I used that term was several years ago, when I finally defined:-) the style of late Genesis (beginning with "Invisible Touch"), and although most of the songs here are ballad-like in character and are only prog-tinged, literally each is filled with that marvelously warm, kind of charismatic atmosphere which raises even the most primitive creations by the English legend much higher than standard pop. Indeed, quite a few of the songs here sound like something Genesis could have done when working on "Calling All Stations", meaning had they then chosen a female singer as a replacement for Mr. Collins, and by the way Julie's singing would have well suited that recording. Unlike plenty of contemporary pop (and not only pop) productions, there is nothing annoying on "Twist". Personally I find this album to be quite a pleasing listening affair despite its overall simplicity, though I'd say this is a truly elegant simplicity. Vik's talent in both songwriting and singing is beyond question.

VM=Vitaly Menshikov: January 1, 2008

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