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Jupiter Hollow - 2017 - "Odyssey"

(24:07, ‘Jupiter Hollow’)


The Canadian band JUPITER HOLLOW is the creative partnership of Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry, who have worked together creating music since 2015. "Odyssey" is their first EP, self-released in 2017. This rather young duo, one of whose members is still a teenager in fact, has created their own nice little blend of contemporary progressive rock and one that references a host of bands I'm too old to really be familiar with. Still, something of a red thread throughout this EP is the notable influence of Rush. The lead vocals in particular bring to mind a young Geddy Lee, and certain guitar phrasings do have something of an Alex Lifeson touch to them. These aspects are explored in a dramatic manner here though, liberally flavored with chaotic details of a similar nature to The Mars Volta and fueled by occasional dips into progressive metal and even djent on one occasion, but also with room for sequences of a gentler character altogether, one that it can be argued has something of an ambient touch to them. In some this is a vital EP, filled with a certain wild drama and rough tension that only young musicians will ever manage to explore in full. Quirky, rather challenging at times, and filled with many references I guess you'll have to be not older than in your early 20s to get. Still, those equally fond of the aforementioned artists, Rush and The Mars Volta, should find this recording to be an enjoyable one.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: January 25, 2017

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