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Karibow - 2017 - "From Here to the Impossible"

(71:54, Progressive Promotion Records)


TRACK LIST:                   

1. Here 6:28
2. My Time Of My Life 8:13
3. Passion 4:47
4. Never Last 5:05
5. Lost Peace 4:13
6. A Crescent Man 6:12
7. Requiem 2:05
8. Inside You 6:20
9. System Of A Dream 7:27
10. Black Air 9:29
11. The Impossible 11:35


Oliver Rusing - vocals, drums, guitars, keyboards, bass
Monique Van Der Kolk - vocals
Marek Arnold - saxophone, keyboards
Jim Gilmour - keyboards
Gerald Nahrgang - percussion
Thomas Wischt - bass
Jorg Eschrig - guitars, mandolin
Daniel Lopresto - vocals
Mark Trueack - vocals
Sean Timms - keyboards
Kai Warszus - voice

Prolusion. German project KARIBOW is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Oliver Rüsing. Following many years and numerous albums released in an underground existence, Rüsing gained recognition from the music business in his native Germany in 2011. Since then his productions have risen a lot in stature, recognition and commercial impact. "From Here to the Impossible" is the most recent Karibow album, and was released through German label Progressive Promotion Records in the summer of 2017.

Analysis. The strengths of Karibow as a venture are a few. One is that the albums are the brainchild of one man, and one able to do everything himself if needs be. That he can engage musician friends from around the world to participate adds a nice bit of flavoring to the material of course, but main man Rüsing doesn't rely on that aid. A second strong point is mix and production: Karibow's albums are all very well produced on all levels. Productions of the kind that in this context deserves attention from audiophiles. In terms of music, Karibow is all about exploring the more accessible aspects of progressive rock. Some neo progressive oriented items can be found here and there, but the defining nature of the band, at least as the project appears on this album, is to blend mainstream rock elements into an accessible progressive rock general context. The latter aspect is maintained in part by structure and in part by some sweet keyboard arrangements, and as for the former, fans of AOR type hard rock and arguably even indie rock will encounter elements here and there that comes across as familiar. The focus is on melodies, harmonies and the creation of compelling, inviting and also intriguing arrangements, and this is done in a high quality manner throughout here. The compositions are accessible for sure, but also flavored with enough minor details, interludes and alterations in intensity to maintain momentum and flow. With Rüsing's strong, melodic vocals on top. Otherwise gentler guitar and keyboards driven passages alternate with ones with a hard, firm edge to them rather frequently, the latter with the guitar given a more prominent role in general. Engaging material through and through, with a clear mainstream streak running through just about all the tracks.

Conclusion. Those fond of the accessible side of modern day progressive rock should take note of Karibow straight away. This is elegant, flowing yet also vibrant progressive rock, and made in a manner that should make the greater majority of the songs here a perfect fit for FM radio play at that. Those who tend to enjoy bands that explore the more accessible and melodic parts of the progressive rock universe should feel right at home with this album, and this is an easy CD to recommend to that crowd.

Progmessor: October 29th, 2017
The Rating Room

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